The Easy Answer for Your Most Common Support Questions

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If you're tired of answering "where's my order?!" and other time-consuming inquiries, we hear you, you’re not alone, and we’re here to help. Unfortunately, it's an inevitable challenge for every ecommerce business. The more sales you make, the more customer service emails you're going to receive. 

Customer support is a necessary cost of doing business and the foundation for building a loyal brand following. That's why the pressure to respond quickly and with the utmost care is so high. As Jim Rohn once said, "One customer, well taken care of, could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising."

33% of shoppers said they’d switch to a competitor after just one poor customer service experience. 

Optimizing frequently asked questions with support software and chat is a great way to build efficiencies. But what if you could answer customers’ questions proactively and advertise more of your products at the same time, with little effort and at no extra cost? It sounds too good to be true, but with the Shop app, you can.

Shop is on-demand, 1:1, and free customer care

We've become so accustomed to immediate conveniences like Netflix and Uber Eats that waiting for online orders in the mail can trigger doubt, anxiety, and so many questions. The average customer service ticket takes about 1.76 responses to close, but some concerns need a lot more time and care, and no one likes waiting for an answer. That's where the Shop app comes in. Shop takes care of common order tracking inquiries, so you can focus on the tickets that require special attention.

But Shop isn't just a destination for on-demand order tracking. It also highlights moments worth celebrating with order status notifications sent to customers' phones at every touchpoint. Shop makes the experiences customers have with Shopify stores more transparent, engaging, and delightful. That's why we're the most downloaded shopping app with +4 stars and over 1 million ratings.

Shop sends ~4 push notifications per order on behalf of Shopify stores. That’s over 5 million notifications every day, to save you time and money on customer service.

Shop sent 17.2 million push notifications during Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2020.

Even with accurate status notifications, we know there’s a strong appetite for following deliveries in real-time. We see this daily when ~12 million customers check Shop’s live map view.

Shop's real-time map view provides on-demand updates for your customers.

It turns out, Shop users check their orders an average of 8.02 times between checkout and delivery. So we turned those tracking visits into meaningful engagements with your brand to help you sell more products before an initial order has even arrived. We call this shopping-cycle shortcut the loyalty loop. And it’s how Shop creates moments to reunite you with your hard-earned customers sooner to re-inspire them and help you build lasting relationships.

Shop shortens your sales cycle with post-purchase marketing opportunities right in the app.

Today, there are two places for Shopify store owners to promote their products in the Shop app.

1. The store profile

Your store profile is like a mini shop-able storefront that customers with Shop follow automatically after their purchase. Here, you can highlight important brand messages and of course, feature your products and deals.

2. The Shops tab

A unique feed to every Shop user, designed to inspire customers with product recommendations from stores they’ve purchased from and ones they choose to follow. The Shops tab refreshes along with your chosen product recommendations. And its 9-15% click-through rate to product pages helps Shopify stores drive repeat purchases faster. 

Shop recommends items from your store to your existing customers every time they use the app.

From checkout to delivery, we want to make sure customers feel good about their Shopify store experiences. That's why Shop also lightens the environmental impact of deliveries from your store. When you offer Shop Pay at checkout, you empower customers to choose carbon-neutral deliveries. And Shopify's Sustainability Fund covers the cost for you—that’s pretty incredible, right?

We know providing excellent customer support will cost your business a lot of time and money—that's why we created the Shop app to deliver greater value to Shopify store owners. Don't miss out on the new features coming to Shop next year. In less than ten minutes, you can set up Shop, drive repeat purchases sooner, and give customers the proactive real-time answers they crave. Make the most of this free channel today.

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