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Everything you need to win the holiday season

Toolbox is your go-to hub filled with tips and resources to help you and your business win the holiday season.

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Focus on activities that move the needle with automation tools to set your tasks on autopilot.

What is ecommerce automation?

The future of scaling your business is about freeing your time for what matters most.

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See Shopify Flow in action

Learn how you can automate time-consuming tasks in just a couple of clicks.

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Automate your holiday season with Launchpad

Watch how you can schedule and monitor revenue-generating events such as flash sales, product releases, and content changes.

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Increase conversion rates by making your customer’s buying experience quick and easy.

Allow customers to scan codes and buy products using their phone

Connect online and offline experiences

Customers can quickly purchase or learn more about a product wherever they find a Shopcode offline.

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Allow customers to check out with a phone number and receive order updates by text message

Expand your checkout options

Sell more by offering more options at checkout. By enabling Checkout with Phone, your customers can check out with a phone number and receive order updates by text message.

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Autofill-up your checkout

Increase conversion rates by streamlining your checkout experience with Google address autocomplete.

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Convert traffic to sales with Shareable Discount Links

Create links that automatically apply discounts for reduced friction and improved customer experience during checkout.

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Reach your customers where they are, and where they will be.

Sell on the world’s largest online marketplace

List your products in front of millions of customers looking and ready to buy.

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A new way to reach mobile shoppers

Sell directly on Instagram without your customers ever having to leave the app. Shopping on Instagram is currently in testing.

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Sell on a fashion search platform, fashionably early

Expand your business with the Lyst sales channel and get your products in front of 65 million fashion-savvy shoppers.

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Reach 171 million eBay buyers

Grow your brand presence worldwide by listing your products on eBay without ever leaving your Shopify admin.

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Turn showrooming into sales for your retail store or pop-up

Let customers purchase when and where they want with Buy Online for Shopify POS. Now you can email in-person customers an invoice so they can checkout at home in just a couple clicks.

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Superior customer service and savings — it’s shipping made simple.

Find your flow with bulk shipping

Fulfilling orders just got 10 times faster. Now you can buy and print shipping labels for multiple orders at once.

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Ship anywhere and save

Grow your business globally with competitive international shipping rates, express shipping, and free pick-ups.

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Take advantage of competitive rates with UPS

Offer guaranteed delivery dates and up to 52% off list rates using Shopify Shipping and UPS.

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Track, learn, and optimize — run smarter campaigns and gain valuable insights with new analytics tools for your business.

Know your customer buying journey

Better understand the channels that drive awareness and conversion for your customers through attribution reports.

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Improved insights into your retail store

Analyze metrics like staff and location performance right within your analytics dashboard if you use Shopify POS for your retail locations.

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Real-time tracking

Keep track of how your store is performing and watch visitors become customers in real-time, right from the palm of your hand with Live View.

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From courses to demos, get everything you need to prepare for the holiday season.

Looking for one-to-one support this season?

Schedule a meeting with your merchant success manager to make sure you’re ready for the busiest time of the year.

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3 real world tactics to turn Black Friday Cyber Monday into year-long success

The secrets to holiday success

Join our top partners as they share the secrets to success during the holiday season in this exclusive webinar series.

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How to make returns your competitive edge

Read the Guide to Holiday Returns to not only prep your return & exchange infrastructure, but make it an advantage.

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