Connectors for Shopify Flow

Connect the tools that run your business

Use the power of automation to bring together apps and technologies you use every day

Simplify business workflows

Connectors build a bridge between your business tools and find new ways for your apps to work together, saving you time.

Focus on growth

Do-it-yourself automation makes room for experimentation, allowing you to take back control of the systems that run your business.

Your apps, better together

Power up your apps by connecting them to the heart of your business. Get automation working for you, and the tools that matter most.

How do connectors work?

Use Flow’s visual workflow builder to automate tasks across apps in just a few clicks.

  1. Start a workflow from an event in Shopify or an app
  2. Set conditions that determine if a workflow should run
  3. End a workflow with a task actioned in your store or app


Customer is “at risk” in LoyaltyLion


Customer accepts marketing in Shopify


Add to win-back email sequence in Klaviyo

More connectors are being added every day

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Charlie Casey, CEO of LoyaltyLion

“Shopify Flow aligns perfectly with our goal to free merchants from process, so they can concentrate on innovation and delighting shoppers.”

Charlie CaseyCEO of LoyaltyLion