Ecommerce automation

Any capability. Any workflow. Anytime.

Make commerce flat out better. From automating day-to-day tasks to building unique checkout experiences, our deep understanding of what businesses need is ready to go to work for you.

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Time and cost savings

Get more done.
For less.

Cut inefficiencies so you and your team can get back to the work you love.

  • Build custom workflow solutions that leverage your existing apps in Shopify Flow to help you scale your business
  • Turn manual tasks into automated workflows across all your stores with Shopify Flow
  • Schedule and run flash sales, product drops, and marketing campaigns on autopilot with Launchpad
  • Eliminate human error by automating fraud risk and inventory decisions
  • Experiment instantly with easy-to-use templates, or make your own workflows

Whatever your business needs—build it.

Automated decisions every month
Unique jobs completed by Flow
Custom use cases solved every week
Higher average order value with custom promotions from Shopify Scripts

Speed and simplicity

Start automating in seconds.

Run on autopilot fast with pre-built templates that you can customize to meet your needs. Easy to use, they take 3 clicks to install and almost no tech know-how or coding to set up.

Build a custom workflow (2 min)
  • Kick off campaigns based on product tags, such as pre-order or high-spend customer
  • Tag, segment, and reward customers by buying behavior and lifetime spend
  • Automate inventory management for low-stock products
  • Automatically cancel high-risk orders or prompt a review
  • Notify customers when sales starts and wishlist items are back in stock

Flexibility and customization

Customize your checkout experience.

Personalize your checkout with options like gift with purchase, buy one get one, or purchase thresholds. Offer specialized shipping rates for sales and local delivery. And show or hide unique payment methods to best suit your business and customers.

Start optimizing your checkout experience now with ready-to-use script templates

Find out how Tamburlaine Organic Wines increased its online sales by 88% with Shopify Scripts.

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Ease of integration

Connect your business tools.

The power of Shopify Flow goes beyond workflows across your business. Connectors also integrate and automate the apps you use, without a single line of code.

Are you an app developer? Build a connector for Flow

Scandinavian mobile website

The more you automate with tools like Flow, the more money a business can make. It’s allowed us to run three Shopify stores without hiring an employee for each one.

Julio GiannottiWeb Manager, Scandinavian Designs


Take the stress out of sales.

Launchpad eliminates the complexity of running events, turning them into streamlined opportunities for your brand.

Watch the Launchpad demo (5 min)

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  • Release products and update inventory across channels
  • Apply discounts to specific products or entire collections
  • Design campaign themes and update them automatically
  • Revert your changes when the event ends

Focus on the work that counts. Automate the rest.

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