Multi-channel ecommerce solution

Sell everywhere your customers buy

Launch and optimize sales channels across marketplaces, mobile, social, and in real life

Uri Minkoff, CEO and Co-Founder at Rebecca Minkoff

“What we loved about Shopify Plus is how easy it is for everyone in the organization to interact with the platform. It’s a lot less complicated and geared toward mobile-first enterprise ecommerce with social and mobile payments built right in.”

Uri MinkoffCEO and Co-Founder at Rebecca Minkoff

Complexity without complication

The challenge of multi-channel ecommerce software

Beyond advertising, multi-channel ecommerce brings native selling to marketplaces, social media, messaging apps, and online communities. The challenge lies in managing complexity without complication: optimizing multi-channel campaigns on the frontend and orders, inventory, and fulfillment on the back.

With over 20 channels, Shopify Plus makes multi-channel seamless for you and your customers.



How does a multi-channel ecommerce strategy thrive?

Anywhere ecommerce begins onsite with a backend built to scale automatically and meant-for-mobile storefronts optimized from ground up.

Offsite, multi-channel brands prioritize five areas, each of which integrate with Shopify Plus natively as well as through our ecosystem of apps, Partner Solutions, and API:

Social networks
Messaging apps
Online communities
Comparison shopping
Nate Checketts, Rhone Co-Founder and CEO

“You don’t need an ecommerce or a retail strategy, you need a commerce strategy. To say we’re all in on Shopify Plus is an understatement. It allows us to focus on building a product rather than building an ecommerce site.”

Nate CheckettsRhone Co-Founder and CEO

Marketplaces and beyond

Amazon, eBay, and native social selling

List your products natively on the world’s largest marketplaces and social platforms. Enable instant purchases through Facebook, Instagram, messaging apps, Pinterest, and more. Sync prices, orders, inventory, and fulfillment all from a single hub.

Shopify Plus’ multi-channel software lets you integrate directly within your dashboard, utilize marketplace apps, or enlist the help of a Technology Partner.


Meant-for-mobile ecommerce from the ground up

Beyond beautiful, optimize your website to drive sales by customizing its look and feel across devices. Craft mobile-first customer journeys by offering responsive storefronts, customized checkouts, and automatic discounting.

Make mobile payments easy through over 100 gateways, including PayPal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, and Shopify Pay’s exclusive one-field checkout.

“Our mobile conversion rate more than doubled. Cutting the path to purchase makes for an optimal user experience.”

Blake PinskerDirector of Brand Marketing at MVMT Watches

In real life

From pop-up shops to live events, bring your brand to life

Powered by Shopify’s universal POS, take your store anywhere and still manage inventory, orders, and customer data on a single backend.

Create immersive, end-to-end shopping experiences without the cost or commitments of traditional retail. Connect directly with customers. Test new products and markets. Drive demand during peak buying seasons.

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