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Track and organize your products with unique, custom barcodes. Shopify’s online barcode generator is fast and easy to use. Simply enter your email address and the text or data you want to appear along with your barcode and click Submit. In seconds, you can generate a new barcode that you can download and print.

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A barcode is a coded image that is made up of a series of vertical lines. It represents and contains data about a product SKU that can be read by machines like barcode scanners. The varying thicknesses of these parallel lines act as a code that when scanned, reveals the information stored on it. They are often used to identify and track retail products quickly and easily.

The barcode generator works in three easy steps:

  • 1. Enter your email address
  • 2. Enter your barcode data
  • 3. Click on “Submit” to generate your barcode

That’s it! A PNG file of your barcode will arrive in your inbox and is ready to be used.

Yes. Barcodes can be read by barcode scanners all over the world regardless of where they are created, they work much like a universal language. The one caveat is that there are actually two types of barcodes, but every scanner is programmed to be able to understand both.

Barcodes that are part of a UPC (Universal Product Code) consist of either an EAN-13 barcode which is used globally, or a UPC-A barcode which is primarily used in the United States and Canada.

You can create a barcode using a web based tool like our barcode generator on this page for free. To make a barcode, enter your email and the text or data you want to appear when your barcode is scanned and click submit.

Once you submit you will receive an email with your custom barcode attached and linked. When you open up your barcode link you will see the data you entered and the option to download your barcode as a PNG file.

There are two ways to create a UPC, which consists of a barcode and an identification number. It depends on whether you require your own identification number for your business.

If you do, you need to first obtain a paid membership with the GS1 US, a global standards organization and the official provider of UPC codes. Following that, you can purchase UPCs from them. UPCs purchased directly from GS1 US contain your own, unique identification number.

If you don’t, some companies purchase UPCs in bulk from the GS1 US and sell them to other businesses. You can get UPCs from them to save yourself the hassle and cost of paying for and joining the GS1 US.

The best way to convert a number to a barcode is to use a barcode generator. Shopify allows you to enter a number and then generate a barcode in a variety of formats, including Code 128, EAN-13, and UPC-A.

Absolutely. As long as you have the barcode data on hand and access to a barcode generator you’re set. You can enter the information into the generator above to create your own barcode now.

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