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Bath Bombs and Batman: Inside the Mind of a 6-Year-Old Founder

Portrait of 6 year old founder Oliver Fequiere. Surrounding his portrait are illustrations that reflect his business, hobbies and interests.

In our Homework series, we explore the lives of ordinary kids with not-so-ordinary hobbies. Between school work and swimming lessons, these youngsters are also running successful businesses—(sometimes) with a bit of grown-up help. 

We caught Ollie between school (not his favorite) and modeling gigs (totally his favorite) and making bath fizzies (sometimes kinda hard but also fun). How does he have the energy for it all? Well, for starters, he’s 6.

With the help of Mom and Dad, Ollie founded the bath and story time brand Fizzies & Fables. He’s definitely a baths-over-showers kinda guy. And who wouldn’t be when getting clean involves colorful chemical reactions and surprise toys? Between bouts of humming the Batman theme song, flapping his arms like a bee, and showing us some of his fizzy creations in his New York “Bubble Lab,” Ollie shared some of his favorite things and what it’s really like to be a 6-year-old bath expert and budding business mogul.

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About Me

Illustration of two young children smiling, wearing lanyards with drawings of their own faces on them.

Name: Oliver “Ollie” Fequiere

Age: 6

My business: Fizzies & Fables

Where I live: Brooklyn, NY, USA

What I’m good at is:

Electric guitar! I can already play a song.

Something I like:

Minecraft. I play [the video game] at my cousin’s house. There’s an area where you do walkways and then it’s kind of a mystery. And maybe there can be a wishing well.

Something I don’t like:

Showers are the worst.

Illustration of a little boy flying a paper airplane.

A little bit about my bath bombs and fizzies:

There are different scents. And different toys inside. And you don’t know what toy’s going to be inside. In the water, they fizz, and they change color.

My favorite bath bombs are:

The Minecraft ones and Pokémon.

What I do to help run my business:

I make the bath bombs and decide on the colors and the scents and the shape. And I wrap them.

What my friends think about my business:

I gave a bath bomb for somebody’s birthday. I gave an animal one for an animal party. And she liked it.

The best thing about running my business is:

Cash. I have a lot of money in the piggy bank.

The hardest part of running my business:

If you try to make fizzies, it’s a little bit hard. Like, they can have little cracks in them—that’s why it’s so hard. We use the ones that are not perfect as testers.

Illustration of a little girl riding on a paper airplane, through the clouds.

What I want to be when I grow up:

I don’t know.

What I like about school:

I don’t like school. If I’m at school, I would like to walk right out the door, and I wouldn’t go. All I like at school is when we play in the gym and outside. We haven’t done hockey yet, but sometimes we do Frisbee. And I like when we watch shows.

What I’m reading and watching:

I do like superhero books. I watched black Spider-Man in Into the Spider-Verse—I have seen it many times. He is brown, and he lives in New York. And I have the Spider-Man costume too. We have a lot of things in common.

One cool thing I learned about this week was:

Bees! 🎵I’m buzzing, I’m buzzing, I love buzzy bees. I’m buzzing, I’m buzzing, I am a stinging bee. 🎵

Illustrations by João Fazenda