Ecommerce Pro Tips #2: Learn From Some of Shopify’s Top Stores

Ecommerce Pro Tips #2: Learn From Some of Shopify’s Top Stores

Our first ecommerce Pro Tips blog was so successful we're going to do it again! Here are some awesome Shopify stores that aren't content serenading the crowd of mediocrity... they're doing things differently and they're doing things right! 

A Picture Tells a Thousand Words

Have you ever went to the mall, walked into a shoe store and purchased a pair of running shoes without trying them on? When shopping in a brick-and-mortar environment, customers can pick a product up, feel its weight, try it on, touch it’s edges and give it a squeeze. When shopping online, customers aren’t able to touch whatever you’re selling. One way to make customers more comfortable with your product is to have really good product photography. Tycoon Neckwear is a store that sells fashionable bow-ties for self-sufficient women. The owner, Madelyn Somers, has made gorgeous photography one of her main priorities. Madelyn uses proper lighting and beautiful models wearing stylish clothes to bring her bow-ties to life. 


Simple is Best

Don’t try to be an online Walmart!!! Here’s a mantra that we at Shopify live by: "Do what you do best." Daniel Mowles and Nathan Panum are really good at making candy, so that’s what they do... and that's all they sell. Daniel and Nathan own Brooklyn Hard Candy, an online shop that sells a total of 6 products: blueberry, grape, apple, pineapple, strawberry, and tangerine. He doesn’t offer 100 different sizes and a confusing amount of shipping options. It's Straightforward. To the point. The simple look and feel of his website makes for intuitive navigation so shoppers don’t have to over think anything. All of Daniel and Nathan's homemade candy sells for $8 and they're having trouble keeping them on the shelf. 

Be Obsessive

There’s something inherently appealing about passionate people. We’re naturally drawn to their energy and enthusiasm. Small business owners should take advantage of this. Nicholas and Angela are passionate about robots so they started an online store called Nerd Bots that sells one of a kind robots that are created with scrap pieces of metal. Their (self proclaimed... we're not being mean) obsession toward all things robot is clearly expressed on their website. They’ve even added a popular blog and merchandise shop to sell branded t-shirts and apparel. By obsessing over robots, and giving their shoppers more than just a store, they’ve turned their product into a brand and secured themselves as leaders in the robot community. 

Timing is Everything

Latching your product onto a rising trend can attract awesome media attention, which increases brand awareness and drives sales. During the early preparations of the recent Royal Wedding last year, The Royal Breakfast Company started producing Special Kate’s and Will’s Royal O’s (think Cheerios). They're two separate commemorative boxes of cereal that pay homage (or poke fun) at Will and Kate. Their product launch was timed perfectly with the Royal Wedding, and has garnered a ton of international media spots which has bumped skyrocketed their business.



  • Jonathan
    June 07 2011, 03:52PM

    LOVE these pro tips! Its great to see what other Shopify stores are up to and yes learn from the best. Keep these coming!

  • @Shopify Brennan
    June 07 2011, 04:39PM

    Such amazing ideas :)

    High res photos = MUST!

  • web design dubai
    web design dubai
    June 09 2011, 04:15AM

    very useful website!

  • ecommerce
    June 13 2011, 06:22AM

    Just running a store is no guarantee to get enough traffic, it required to put some efforts to make it user friendly so that it helps to raise the sales.

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