12 Inspiring Social Media Campaign Examples

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Social media campaigns tell stories. Whether they announce the launch of an exciting new product, help celebrate a holiday or milestone moment, or create a new narrative, social media campaigns can be a highly effective marketing tactic. They can spark engagement, inspire conversation, build community, and drive sales. 

Here are 12 noteworthy social media campaign examples by companies ranging from small businesses to major brands, plus takeaways to implement for your own campaigns.

What is a social media campaign?

A social media campaign is one piece or a series of pieces of social media content designed around one central idea and goal. Usually, businesses create social media campaigns with goals like boosting engagement, driving sales, shedding light on important topics, celebrating a holiday, or launching a new product. The most successful social media campaigns combine a compelling concept, interesting story, clever taglines and strong copy, and eye-catching graphics or design.

Why is social media marketing important?

Social media marketing meets a business’s target audience where they are. The average person now spends two hours and 25 minutes on social media per day (up almost an entire hour from 2012). Without a presence on social media, businesses miss out on creating essential brand awareness and speaking directly to potential customers on a channel where they spend increasingly more time. 

Now, social media apps are offering the option to purchase items directly within the platform. Businesses have the opportunity to create another sales channel if they choose to market on social media—or risk being left behind.

12 social media campaign examples

  1. Scent and Fire: 2.22.22
  2. Juneshine: Summer of June
  3. MiiR: Re:Claimed
  4. Fluide: Trans Day of Visibility 
  5. Folklor: The art of the weekly product drop
  6. Loungefit.: Day in the life 
  7. Acid League: Proxies collab with André Hueston Mack
  8. Olipop: Banana cream
  9. Maude: Sex ed for all
  10. Ryan Trahan: 1¢ for 30 days 
  11. Apple: #ShotOniPhone
  12. Starbucks: Sip into summer 

Ahead, get a closer look at each social media marketing campaign example and learn how you can implement something similar into your own social media marketing strategy. 

1. Scent & Fire: 2.22.22

Scent & Fire sells eco-conscious candles in aromatherapeutic fragrances designed to calm and center stressful environments. 

💬The campaign

“It’s Twosday! 2.22.22 💫 Today only happens once in a lifetime,” wrote Scent & Fire on Instagram. This one-post campaign took a fun date and turned it into a promotion opportunity, offering 22% off for one day only. 

💌The takeaway

The National Holiday Calendar provides a list of the national days throughout each month. Take a look and see if any of those days are on brand for you. Then, consider creating a post or a promotion all around that day. You don’t have to have a sale, especially if engagement is the main goal. If your brand is active on Twitter, see how many retweets or comments you can get in a thread. Or, if your goal is more sales, see how much volume that one campaign can drive.

2. Juneshine: Summer of June 

San Diego–based Juneshine sells hard kombucha (among other beverages, like canned cocktails) in delicious flavors including Mango Daydream, Blood Orange Mint, and Acai Berry.

💬The campaign

Summer of June is a social media campaign featuring events across the United States, with corresponding new product releases. Instagram posts list out dates and location of each week’s events, while follow-up posts show snaps from past get togethers. Collectively, the campaign aims to build community, bring people together, and use social media as a platform to do so.

💌The takeaway

If you’re planning a series of events, consider using a social media campaign to announce details surrounding each one, and post photos after to get followers excited about the next. 

3. MiiR: Re:Claimed

MiiR sells reusable vessels like coffee cups, water bottles, and mugs, with a business model focused on responsibility and generosity (the company is a certified B Corp and donates a portion of its profits each year to nonprofits).

💬The campaign

While MiiR always makes a point to share its sustainability efforts across Instagram, its Re:Claimed program takes it a step further. The social media campaign announces the initiative, shares an all-new design option, and speaks to how selling refurbished items contributes to its sustainability goals. It’s both a brand play and product launch in one. 

💌The takeaway

Take a look at your brand values and the goals and mission of your business. Are you coming out with a new product launch that directly speaks to fulfilling those goals? Use social media to announce and gain traction for that campaign. 

4. Fluide: Trans Day of Visibility 

Fluide sells high-quality cosmetics for every skin shade and gender expression. The brand aims to amplify queer and gender-expressive voices and showcase queer beauty, focusing on both the fun and transformative nature of makeup.