Sell Where People Search Using Buy on Google

Image of product and checkout functionality on Google

 We've made it easier than ever to sell directly on Google and let buyers check out with the Google & YouTube app for Shopify. We’ve recently launched Buy On Google so you can offer your buyers an accelerated checkout method for faster conversion and a better buyer experience. Plus, early next year we’re launching Shop Pay for checkout on Google, to let your buyers check out in one-click with the world's fastest checkout. 

People are shopping across Google more than a billion times a day. Meet those customers where they like to browse with the speed and convenience of Shopify. 

Note: Buy on Google is only available to eligible US businesses. 

The value of Buy on Google 

Buy on Google is a program available in the Google & YouTube app for Shopify. When you set up Google & YouTube, your approved products are listed on Google for free automatically. These are called product listings. Once you set up the Buy on Google program, your product listings let buyers check out directly on Google, as well as click through to your online store. 

Benefits for your business:

  • Manage everything in Shopify. Seamlessly sync your products to Google, manage orders, and payments in Shopify to make fulfillment and getting paid easy with Shopify Payments. (To enable Buy on Google, you need to be using Shopify Payments. Standard transaction fees apply.) 
  • Boost conversion for your business. Give buyers a seamless buying experience with faster checkout directly on Google. Shop Pay will soon be launching as a payment method on Google, which is used by over 40 million shoppers, so you can convert new buyers that are already using Shop Pay. 
  • Own the customer relationship. Compared to other marketplaces, customer details from purchases made on Google sync back to Shopify so your business can turn first-time buyers into repeat customers. 
  • Expand buying options on Google. With Buy on Google, you can expand your reach by enabling shoppers to purchase your products directly on Google as well as have the option to visit your online store. Plus, your products will automatically display the discounts you have on your online store on Google so they can check out with a discounted rate. 

Get started with Buy on Google 

Install the Google & YouTube app for Shopify to start syncing your products to Google for free. Then, set up the Buy on Google program. If you’re already using the Google & YouTube app, enroll now.

Review the policies for Buy on Google on the help centre and the setup requirements during onboarding, as there may be changes you need to make. Please note, if you are using apps for fulfillment and shipping, you may need to make changes to your workflows. For more information on managing orders processed through Buy on Google, read our help docs

Install Google & YouTube app


Tips when setting up the Google & YouTube app

  • Ensure your product data is accurate in the Google & YouTube app so you are providing Google with rich product content. Rich product details help shoppers find and filter products in their search. For example, if a shopper searches for “large blue t-shirt”, Google shows listings that best match the search criteria by looking at the data provided for the attributes size, color, and title. Shoppers can also use attributes to filter products in their search.
  • Users rely on product images to make shopping decisions. Check that the product images in Shopify are clear and high quality. Products with high-quality images are more likely to show in relevant search queries and will capture the attention of your customers. 
  • Optimize your products with additional product details. Use all relevant details for your products, not just the ones that are required, to provide shoppers with additional useful information. For example, details like size and color are optional if you’re not selling clothing. However, this information may still be helpful to include for other product categories. 
  • Follow best practices for product title structure. Use your product titles to attract people to your listings by including important details, such as strong brand names, age group, gender, size, color, etc., and put key details at the front of your product title, especially if they’re not visible in the image. The Basic naming structure = Brand + Product Type + Attributes.


Buy on Google FAQ

How do you buy things from Google?

You can purchase items from the Google Play Store. To do this, you need to have a Google account and a payment method linked to it. Once you have those set up, you can browse the store and add items to your cart. When you are ready to check out, you can review your order and complete the payment.

How does buy on Google work?

When you buy on Google, you can purchase products from participating merchants that are listed in Google Shopping, Google’s product search engine. When you search for a product, you'll see listings from participating merchants that offer the product. You can purchase the product directly from the merchant's Google listing. The purchase process is handled by the merchant, and the payment is processed through Google Pay. You can also purchase products through Google Express, which is a shopping service that offers same-day delivery of products from multiple stores.

Does Google have online Shopping?

Yes, Google has an online shopping platform known as Google Shopping. It allows users to search and compare prices on millions of products.

Is buy on Google a marketplace?

No, Buy on Google is not a marketplace. Buy on Google is an advertising program that allows businesses to showcase their products on Google Shopping. It is not a traditional marketplace in which customers can purchase products directly from third-party sellers.