Ecommerce migration guide

Move forward with confidence

Choose a future-ready commerce platform for your best (and worst) days with this guide.

Understanding your total cost of ownership is just the start

Define your platform needs

How do you know if a SaaS platform is right for you, right now? Learn how to scope out your features, timelines, integrations, and costs before making the move.

Ask these essential questions

How do you find the best fit for your business needs? Work through this checklist to ask platform providers up front, before wasting time on the wrong solution.

Plan for a smooth migration

How do you make your transition as smooth as possible? Find out which data migration, automation, and integration tools to look for—before you start replatforming.

Launch online in days— at a fraction of the cost of legacy software


Days to launch for Heinz


Days to launch for Molson Coors

After a year on Shopify, we’ve been able to reduce our total cost of ownership by 60–65%. Any budget I save on the tech stack, I can reinvest into marketing that can help drive revenue. It’s a win-win.

Steve Morales — Vice President of Marketing

Choose your next and last commerce partner with this guide