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Your Founder Sign: The Trailblazer—Passionate, Creative, and a Natural Leader

Illustration of the Founder's Zodiac sign, the Trailblazer

After studying some of the one million business owners who use Shopify, we’ve discovered that founder types tend to fall into one of five types. Which one are you? Start with our personality quiz.

Fork in the road? Forget about it, you’ll just make your own path. But we’re not worried about you, Trailblazer—you’ve come prepared for the unknown. Not one to avoid (calculated) risk, you’ll take chances to pursue your ideas and passions. Trailblazers like you make your own opportunities. 

Trailblazer strengths 🏋

Your gifts lie in carving out niches and finding creative solutions to problems. In this way, you may find yourself a pioneer in your field. You’re willing to go all in on ideas that may be ahead of their time. And once you’ve caught hold of an idea, you’re also adept at seeing it through. You’re not just talk, Trailblazer—execution is your middle name. 

Your social skills and passion attract others to your cause, and you thrive in realizing your dreams in the company of others. Your boundless energy and gift of gab are assets when you’re ready to bring investors or business partners on board. Be the face of your brand and inject your own voice into its mission. You’re sure to win over an audience with your infectious enthusiasm. 

Sound familiar, Trailblazer? Take our poll to see how you stack up:

Trailblazer opportunities 🔎

While your heart and intuition may guide you, be sure to tap into your intellect for a dose of devil’s advocacy—the most thrilling ideas might not be the most lucrative. Seek out business partners or mentors and hire people who bring different perspectives to your dream team. An extra set of eyes can help you take ideas from good to great.

As someone with “out there” ideas, you may face resistance on your path. Anticipate questions and have answers in your back pocket—data and market research are your friends. It’s not enough to believe in an idea. Validate those impulses, Trailblazer! And if your gut instincts fail you, be open to change.

💡Your best business bets? Trailblazers excel in fashion, health, and beauty industries. Go after something that excites you. Get the full list of ideas. 📝

Fictional Trailblazer: Sabrina Spellman

Image of Sabrina Spellman walking toward the camera in an episode of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
Diyah Pera/Netflix

If there’s anyone who embodies the true Trailblazer spirit, it’s teen half-witch, half-mortal Sabrina Spellman. Netflix’ plucky heroine carves paths through both worlds, albeit with a lot of bumbling. You have to admire her spirit, though. We’re not sure what the future holds for Sabrina (where’s a malum malus when you need one?) but the high schooler has plenty of time to figure that out. 

“Nothing’s ever easy, is it?” Sabrina asks herself. But in true Trailblazer fashion, she often chooses the rocky path—like running away from her own dark baptism to avoid working for The Man (literally the devil). 

Sabrina’s independent nature makes her ripe for being her own boss someday—perhaps as a communications consultant across the magic-mortal line? But prone to Trailblazer pitfalls, Sabrina would do well to consult with experts (or familiars) and pick a lane. “But I want both,” she says. “I want freedom and power.” We know, Sabrina, we know.

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Trailblazer of the animal kingdom: the sea otter

A sea otter floats on its back in the waterSea otters have some of the thickest fur in the animal kingdom, keeping them protected from their strongest adversaries: cold and water. Like thick-skinned Trailblazers, sea otters are therefore worry free, leaving them plenty of time for social interaction and play. Their Trailblazer instincts help them solve tough problems creatively (say using “tools” to open shellfish).

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Illustrations by Alice Mollon