SaaS Commerce Platforms: The Future of Simplified Business Operations

Read Shopify's new report with IDC to uncover how leaders at 1,000 global enterprises are thinking about their commerce platforms and sales strategies.

What’s inside the SaaS Commerce Platforms Report?

How enterprise leaders are thinking about their tech stacks

Fast time to market and customer experience are considered key platform features by 75% of enterprise companies, respectively.

The benefits of different commerce architectures

Understand the advantages and limitations of each commerce architecture from full stack to blended to fully composable.

Preparing your commerce architecture for the future

Learn why companies are shifting towards modern, composable commerce platforms that offer cutting-edge features like innovation in payment, social commerce and artificial intelligence.

67% of companies are changing or planning to change their current commerce platform architecture to prepare for the future.

Transform your commerce platform to stay ahead

Learn how Shopify can help companies evolve with any architecture in the face of new challenges.