Supply chain playbook

Build a more resilient supply chain

Some things you can’t control—like unexpected delays. Find out how to minimize supply chain disruption (and make more sales) with this playbook.

Strategies to keep your supply chain in check. And expectations in balance.

Connect the right people and products

Supply chains are under pressure worldwide. Learn how to stay on top of your manufacturers, suppliers, and inventory while managing customer expectations.

Diversify your fulfillment options

Despite manufacturing shortages and slow shipping, your customers still expect lightning-fast delivery. Find out how to keep customers happy, even with the risk of delays.

Overdeliver on customer expectations

Worried about underdelivering? Learn strategies that get your products into your customers’ hands fast and build customer loyalty.

By using an outsourced logistics provider like Shopify Fulfillment Network, you’ll get access to a variety of domestic and international carrier services that will help you offer fast and affordable shipping.

Grace Kim — Fulfillment Success Specialist Lead, Shopify Fulfillment Network

Future-proof your supply chain. Whatever the future holds.