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Unlocking Customer Value

Unbeatable Retention Strategies after the Holiday Season.

Watch this exclusive discussion to unlock customer value after the holiday rush.

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You'll learn how to...

Gain insights

Gain valuable insights on leveraging customer data

Delve into the art of maximizing customer value and loyalty beyond the bustling holiday period.

Learn techniques

Personalization techniques for a sophisticated experience

Discover the proven strategies and tactics that will help you retain and engage your customers long after the holiday season.

Discover strategies

Advanced retention approaches with marketing channels

Learn the latest retention strategies to unlock the untapped potential of your customer base and drive sustainable business growth.

Meet the industry experts

Portrait of Josefina, a woman with beautiful long curly hair smiling

Shopify Plus

Josefina Rodriguez Sturba

Solution Engineer

Portrait of Dani, a woman sitting on a chair, smiling warmly

Shopify Plus

Dani Gibson

Senior Product Marketing Lead

Unlock customer value

Watch this exclusive discussion to unlock customer value