Edit your images right in Shopify

Edit your images right in Shopify


Aviary recently launched a really impressive streamlined image editor built entirely with open web technologies called Feather. They gave us a sneak peek of how it works before it launched, and we knew right away that it would be a perfect fit for Shopify.

In fact, we were already integrated with Aviary to let you edit your shop’s images, but that involved a redirect to their more heavyweight full-screen image editor. Feather makes things even easier by putting the most commonly used tools into an inline editor so you can make quick changes without leaving Shopify at all.

editing a product image

You’ll see the same edit link for each of your uploaded images, but now it will launch the new editor as a “lightbox” style popup. When you save the image in the editor, it updates Shopify directly. Awesome!



  • Rachel Lucie
    Rachel Lucie
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    Fantastic new feature, can’t wait to try it out!

  • DiOndra
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    Can’t wait to use it

  • Michael
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    How do you add/change the alt tag on an image for SEO purposes??

  • Danny
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    As a new user to shopify little features like this are becoming more and more appreciated and make simple tasks like basic image editing even easier now, great new feature.

  • @Shopify Alex Commons
    Alex Commons
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    Hey Michael,

    Shopify currently does not support editing alt tags for images but we are aware that this is a feature that would be useful for SEO purposes.

    Our best recommendation for now is to name your images intelligently. This is a very beneficial SEO activity that can be accomplished fairly easily.

    For example, if your product name is “Red Shirt”, have the product image be named “red-shirt.jpg” as opposed to “image_0001”. Being intelligent with your image naming prior to uploading will help you a lot with image SEO (and overall product SEO).


  • Charles  Brennan
    Charles Brennan
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    Am I able to get rid of watermarks with this feature ?

  • Horny Goat Weed
    Horny Goat Weed
    December 21 2010, 02:34PM

    This looks a lot better, I was rather unsure of this editing app when it would re-direct you completely, I will have a bash with it next time I want to edit and see how quick and easy it is.

  • Murray Bolesta
    Murray Bolesta
    June 04 2011, 02:46PM

    This does not work for me. I go into edit, resize a photo, and it when I go into the shop, the photo is the same size. Help??

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