More Than 1000 Free Photos + 5 Business Ideas You Can Implement Right Away

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Professional quality product photography is important for ecommerce websites. Since online shoppers can’t see or touch products in person, images play a crucial role in making sales.

The problem is that great product images can be expensive or labor intensive to produce, making it difficult for smaller brands to compete with market leaders.

Introducing Burst

Burst is a free stock photography site for entrepreneurs. We created Burst to help small brands stand out by providing instant access to high-quality, royalty-free product photos. All images on Burst are available under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Under CC0, you can use and edit the photos however you want—no attribution required.

We've already uploaded more than 1,000 high-resolution images and we're adding hundreds of new photos every week. If you can't find what you're looking for, sign up to receive email updates

How You Can Use Burst

Burst provides collections of 20+ photos featuring a single industry or product, with an emphasis on what’s trending now. Each collection includes all the photos you need to promote your brand, from landing pages to Facebook ads. 

Here are some of the great ways you can use Burst to grow your business today.

1. Build Stunning Websites

Burst photos were shot with Shopify themes in mind. Upload them directly to your online store and use them for hero images, background images, product pages, and more. 

Mockup of an ecommerce store using a stock image from Burst

2. Create Professional Marketing Campaigns

Burst photos can be used anywhere you promote your brand, from Instagram ads to product catalogues. They're high-resolution, which means they'll look just as great printed as they do online. 

Mockup of a Facebook ad using a stock photo from Burst

3. Find Great Products to Sell Online

Check out our Business Ideas pages for inspiration and actionable insights. We've researched the best-selling products and written in-depth case studies on how to get started. Each business idea includes a collection of professional photos to help get you started. 

Generic product photography from Burst

5 Business Ideas You Can Start This Weekend

Here are samples of trending business ideas you can start this weekend, with minimal time or money invested. Each one includes a pack of professional product and lifestyle photos, insights about the industry, and suppliers or do-it-yourself instructions.

1. Lip Balm 

Hands holding jar of pink lip balm

Anyone can make lip balm and our case study includes all the recipes and information you need to get started. Plus, you can buy everything you need at your local craft store. Look for a unique niche to build your lip balm brand around, such as vegan lip balm or sport balms. 

2. Cell Phone Cases 

Pile of smartphone cases

Consumers buy new smartphone cases all the time, whether to protect a new phone or just to try out a new style. You can make phone cases yourself using items from a local craft store, or if you'd prefer, you can also dropship them using Oberlo.

3. Bracelets

Woman wearing bracelets

Bracelets are another product you can either make or dropship. Bracelet brands often find customers by using Instagram influencers and Facebook ads, so it’s a great business to consider if you spend a lot of time on social media. One popular niche is awareness bracelets; you can promote a good cause and use the brand to give back.

4. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs sitting in a shower

Bath bombs have the potential to be a very profitable product once you perfect your recipe. Our case study includes a basic recipe to get you started but there are many creative ways to differentiate your products with unique colors and ingredients—check out YouTube or Pinterest for inspiration. 

5. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speaker sitting on table in living roomAs more people buy tablets and smartphones, the demand for compatible speakers continues to rise. We've photographed a variety of trending speakers from AliExpress, such as waterproof suction speakers. These waterproof speakers can be used to play and pause playlists, and even take calls in the shower or by the pool. Speaker stores can also easily be expanded to sell other smartphone and tablet accessories.

Looking for more inspiration? Check out our other business ideas—we’re adding new ones every week!


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Lindsay Craig has written for Entrepreneur, AllBusiness and Chill Magazine. She works at Shopify, where she helped build Burst—one cat photo at a time.