Advertising is now easier with Google Smart Shopping Campaigns in Shopify

July 10, 2018

Soon, any merchant will be able to create Google Shopping campaigns directly within Shopify using a new campaign type called Smart Shopping campaigns. Google Smart Shopping in Shopify allows merchants to create a campaign just by setting a daily budget, while machine learning optimizes the rest.

For SMBs, making sales in a crowded ecommerce market can be extremely challenging. That’s why effective marketing is key, but the learning curve for digital marketing can be high, especially for first-time online merchants.

At Google Marketing Live, Google’s annual marketing conference, we announced that Google Smart Shopping campaigns are launching in Shopify later this month, to help reduce the learning curve for these merchants.

All a merchant needs to decide is how much they want to spend on marketing with Google. Then, Google’s Smart technology takes care of all the heavy lifting using machine learning to optimize for the highest return on ad spend by automatically choosing which products to advertise, how much to bid, who to target, and which creative to show.

Shopify is the first partner to work with Google on an integration with this new campaign type. Having the ability to create and manage campaigns directly within Shopify simplifies the marketing workflow for merchants, saving them time by being able to manage more of their business directly within Shopify, and providing immediate results.

Shopify’s Google Shopping app will support merchants in all countries with Smart Shopping campaigns later this month. Learn more here.

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