Shopify's Dev Degree expands to York University

September 24, 2018

Shopify created Dev Degree in 2016, creating a program in partnership with Carleton University to help create a work-integrated learning program that provides the educational benefit of an accredited university degree with a co-op style experience that provides twice the real-world work experience of a more traditonal program. Now, we're proud to be expanding Dev Degree to a new group of students through a new partnership with York University.

We've learned through our experience with the program over the past two years that students acquire skills between two and three-times faster in Dev Degree than through traditional programs. In the program to date, women also represent over 50 percent of student participates, which is far above the average gender for graduate rates in computer science degree programs.

Dev Degree expands today to York University's Lassonde School of Engineering, which means our first Toronto-based students have now begun their journey. 

To learn more about Dev Degree, the program's history and future, you can visit this link.

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