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.bike Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .bike domain?

.bike overview

Biking isn’t just about transportation. It’s a sport, passion, and thriving industry that brings adventurous people together. Whether you’re a Tour de France champion or just love a leisurely weekend ride, a .bike domain name lets you lead with your love of cycling. Register your .bike domain name today and tell your visitors what to expect before they even visit your site.

.bike facts, stats & history

.bike is a newer, generic top-level domain (TLD), having first become available to the public in 2014. Cycling enthusiasts are serious about their bikes. A .bike domain name stands out right away, and it’s much more attention-getting than common TLDs like .com. Even better, because it hasn’t been around for that long, you have a better chance of getting the exact domain name you want.

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Is .bike right for you?

.bike benefits

With a .bike domain name, your specialty is the first thing visitors see. It’s ideal for anyone involved in cycling who wants a short, descriptive, and memorable domain name—especially if the .com extension is already taken.

Ideas for your .bike domain

Anyone who lives and breathes cycling can benefit from a targeted .bike domain extension. Athletes and competitive cyclists, biking groups, races, and businesses selling bicycle or motorbike-related goods are just a few examples.

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FAQ - Learn more about .bike domains

  • .bike is a generic top-level domain (TLD). It’s best suited for anyone connected to cycling, whether you’re a business, individual athlete, or biking collective.
  • .bike gives you a highly targeted domain name that will immediately catch any biking enthusiast’s eye. It’s the perfect way to set yourself apart and stand out to your target audience.
  • Anyone in the world can buy a .bike domain name, as long it hasn’t already been registered.
  • Yes. You can buy a .bike domain name through Shopify, along with many other tools that make it easy to start a business online.
  • All domains bought through Shopify come with a free SSL certificate — purchased elsewhere, these can cost you hundreds of dollars annually.