New Beta Launch: A Shopify Mobile App for Everyone

New Beta Launch: A Shopify Mobile App for Everyone
In more recent times, with the onset of the modern mobile device we expect to get mobile access to services we often enjoy on our home computers. One of these may be running your Shopify store from your mobile device. Currently this is only possible for those using an iPhone or iPad by way of our Shopify Mobile app, but for our other users the experience may look a little like this:

Although this is the standard admin that you would see within your regular browser, it leaves much to be desired while viewing on your mobile device.  When we're using our phones we want to be able to get to the important data, and quickly.  For a mobile device, the standard admin just doesn't cut it.  That's why we've been working on making a mobile app that will work on all platforms!  Using modern web technologies it's possible for us to provide everyone on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry OS 6, with the ability to access their shop through a mobile optimized interface.
You don't need to install any apps or download anything to your device in order to use it.  Once you're signed up for the beta,  simply log into your Shopify admin and you will be presented with the mobile admin.  The mobile admin will provide you with quick information about new events and orders as well as all the information about your products.  In the near future you will also be able to accept payments, fulfill orders and modify products.
Interested in testing out the beta? Let us know!