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Start an Amazon Business

Your online store is your home base, where you showcase your brand, connect with your audience and ultimately sell your products. That said, there are now many ways to reach and sell to existing and new audiences with Shopify  channels. In particular, Shopify’s new Amazon integration offers you the  opportunity to connect with potential customers searching on its marketplace. With all of your products managed in Shopify, you can create Amazon listings, link already existing Amazon listings, sync inventory, and fulfill orders. For more details on setting up Shopify’s Amazon channel, use this step-by-step guide and install the channel here.

Shopify’s integration with Amazon is exciting news for many brands, and it’s okay to have questions: Why should I sell on Amazon? How do I manage pricing between my Shopify store and Amazon? What does it take to grow a business on Amazon, and for the long-term? What options and programs are available on Amazon that I should utilize?

The goal of this guide is to tackle these questions and help you understand how  to create and grow a profitable and sustainable business on Amazon. I’m a former Amazon Category Manager, and now run an ecommerce consultancy that helps dozens of brands sell on Amazon.

I believe in growing your business for the long term, and not wasting time on short-term hacks that can put your account at risk for getting suspended or terminated. I certainly believe that things can be done quickly, since that is especially required in ecommerce, while at the same time be on the right side of the terms of service and guidelines set by Amazon. If this interests you, keep on reading.

While it’s nearly impossible to create an all-encompassing guide to Amazon, by the end of this guide you should have a better understanding of how to optimize your time and what key things you have control of in order to build a business on Amazon. This includes both strategic and executional guidance, as I believe the ‘why’ is just as important as the ‘how’. So let’s get started!

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