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.ws Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .ws domain?

.ws overview

As the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Samoa (previously Western Samoa), you may assume that .ws is only relevant for businesses that operate within the country. But there are plenty of others who can benefit from this domain extension. In fact, in recent years, many registrants have started using .ws as a domain hack, with 'ws' standing for world site, web site, or web service. So whether you're expanding your business to Samoa or you operate in the web service space, a .ws domain name could be perfect for you.

.ws facts, stats & history

.ws is operated by SamoaNIC, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of Samoa. While the ccTLD was originally intended for Samoan businesses and organizations, many of its current registrants use it as a domain hack. In 2016, .ws gained popularity as one of the first domain name registries to offer emoji domains. It's also one of the first ccTLDs to be used on the Internet's Domain Name System.

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Is .ws right for you?

.ws benefits

A .ws domain allows you to further brand yourself as an Samoan business. Since .ws is less common than .com, but doesn’t sacrifice SEO, it’s also a great domain hack for non-Samoan brands.

Ideas for your .ws domain

If you’re based in Samoa, or expanding there, a .ws domain name can show your loyalty to the nation and earn the trust of locals. Companies that operate in the web services space can also benefit from registering a .ws domain name.

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FAQ - Learn more about .ws domains

  • .ws is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Samoa. Today it’s used primarily by businesses that are based in Samoa to build local credibility and by businesses that use “ws” as a creative domain hack.
  • A .ws domain extension is ideal for any type of business or organization based in Samoa or targeting Samoan audiences.
  • Anyone can purchase a .ws domain name, regardless of where they're located.
  • Yes, of course! You can buy a branded .ws domain name on Shopify.
  • Shopify offers free SSL certificates for all the domains registered through our platform. SSL certificates can cost you hundreds of dollars annually.