Shopify Editions: Introducing an Ever-Evolving B2B Experience, Targeted Marketing Tools, and the Most Customizable Version of Shopify Ever


The retail landscape is changing fast—and so is the way direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands operate, grow, attract, and retain customers. With tighter budgets, changing consumer spending habits, and increased scrutiny on internal processes and tooling, growth-seeking brands need an efficient and flexible tech stack that helps them adapt on the fly and do more with less. 

Brands have to build for the long term, which is why for our Winter ’23 Edition, we’re announcing a suite of more than 100 new products, features, and updates to help you do more from Shopify and ensure your brand can handle anything that comes its way.

Explore Editions launches by theme:

  1. Boost your store's conversions and grow sales
  2. Customize your wholesale buying experience
  3. Expand your brand across the globe
  4. Find and engage with new customers more effectively
  5. Build high-performing, scalable storefronts on Shopify
  6. Run your brand better from Shopify admin

Boost your store’s conversions and grow sales

It takes a lot to get customers to click the Buy button. From helping you customize and supercharge your store’s checkout speed to providing tools that establish buyer trust, we’re making it easier to seize every sale with tools to convert customers.

Provide a lightning-fast shopping experience

Milliseconds matter when it comes to improving website conversions.

At Shopify, we are obsessed with helping you provide customers with the best and fastest shopping experience on the web. That’s why we’re investing significant technology and infrastructure resources to move all merchant storefronts to new globally distributed server locations around the world. 

This new lightning-fast rendering is being rolled out to shops of all sizes throughout 2023. 

Customize your checkout without touching code

It’s easier than ever to customize Shopify Checkout. With checkout extensibility, brands can customize the look and functionality of their checkout using a suite of powerful features, including the checkout editor. 

Customize your checkout without touching code

Previously, brands had to customize their checkout by editing code in their checkout.liquid theme file. It required working with a developer and making periodic upgrades to your checkout in order to access new features. But checkout extensibility is upgrade-safe, so brands can gain access to new checkout features as soon as they’re available. 

With checkout extensibility, brands can: 

  • Add branding: Make basic customizations like adding fonts, colors, and logo in the all-new checkout editor. Or, make more advanced visual customizations using the branding API.
  • Add new functionality: From custom content to product upsells and loyalty programs, add new functionality to Shopify Checkout by simply installing checkout apps.
  • Add custom logic: Add custom logic, like custom discounts, discount combinations, shipping rules, and payment methods, to their checkout by installing apps built with Shopify Functions.
  • Track customer events: Securely manage pixels that track events in checkout from a single location with pixels in Shopify.

Customizations made with checkout extensibility seamlessly integrate with Shop Pay, so brands can create a consistent experience across their guest checkout and Shop Pay checkout flow. Brands also get the freedom to develop custom apps for Shopify Checkout if they need to create more bespoke customizations. 

Build custom apps for your checkout using new UI components

Checkout extensibility makes it easier for Shopify Plus merchants to customize their checkout in a way that’s app-based, upgrade-safe, higher-converting, and compatible with Shop Pay. 

Now, it’s possible to customize your checkout without touching code. You can easily add new functionality to your checkout—like product offers and gift messages—by installing apps from the Shopify App Store

You also get the flexibility to build bespoke customizations by developing custom apps with our collection of APIs. And we just launched a whole host of new APIs for UI extensions, like the ability to make authenticated network calls, directly query the storefront API from extensions, and apply discount codes and gift cards. 

Build custom apps for your checkout using new UI components

Increase conversions by up to 25% with Shop Promise

Customers are increasingly choosing to shop with brands that are transparent around delivery times.

Shop Promise enables you to easily communicate reliable and fast delivery to your customers across your product pages, checkout, and in the Shop app. Smart delivery dates are automatically predicted for you by Shopify, and backed by Shop with a limited guarantee for your customers. 

Increase conversions by up to 25% with Shop Promise

Early access merchants using Shop Promise have seen an increase in conversion of up to 25%—merchants like Glasvin, which has garnered a 25% increase in relative conversion after activating Shop Promise, and EasyStandard, a Shopify Plus merchant that has seen a relative conversion increase of 19% with Shop Promise

Shop Promise is in early access and will be available initially to merchants fulfilling domestically in the US. 

Customize your wholesale buying experience

We’re making it easier than ever to customize the buying experience for your business-to-business (B2B) customers. Within our newly launched Catalogs section of the Shopify admin, you can now easily segment the products your customers see and the quantities they’re able to purchase when they log in to your B2B store. 

Customize your wholesale buying experience

Increase average order value by setting up automatic minimum, maximum, and incremental (e.g., case pack) rules for purchasing products using quantity rules, and create customer-specific product selections to delight your customers when they buy from you online using customer-specific product publishing. 

Expand your brand across the globe

Last year we introduced Shopify Markets, which offers powerful localization tools for selling globally. This year we’re introducing Markets Pro, Shopify’s all-in-one global selling solution that gives you everything you need to expand rapidly while keeping it simple. With Markets Pro, you get all the power of Markets, plus end-to-end liability management and cost effective shipping labels that boost sales everywhere. 

Accelerate your global growth with Shopify Markets Pro

There’s a big opportunity to attract and convert new customers when you grow your business globally—but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. You have to navigate local duties, taxes, and regulations, and meet global buyer expectations, and affordable shipping rates are often out of reach.

Enter Shopify Markets Pro—a turnkey solution that helps brands boost sales and revenue in hundreds of markets, in just a few clicks. Now, brands have everything they need to sell and succeed across the globe.

Here’s how Markets Pro makes global selling simple:

  • Grow sales in hundreds of markets while global liability is handled for you. Tax, duties, and import restrictions are handled for you, giving you peace of mind. Get global fraud protection and access guaranteed foreign exchange, so you’re not exposed to currency volatility.
  • Boost conversion with a buyer experience that feels local. Offer local currency and top payment methods, and prevent surprise fees at delivery with guaranteed duties collected upfront. Access built-in localization tools, like translations, domains, and more.
  • Provide best-in-class delivery with flexible fulfillment options. Access cost-effective shipping labels with DHL Express. Fulfill natively from Shopify or through major third-party logistics partners.
  • Streamline global operations from your Shopify admin. Customize markets, pricing, and product availability on the fly with consolidated reporting, personalized recommendations, and more.

Find and engage with new customers more effectively

Make your marketing work harder with the right tools to target, reach, and re-engage high-value customers.

Get your ads seen by the right buyers with a bigger and better Shopify Audiences 

Last year, we launched Shopify Audiences to help you meet the customer acquisition challenges in today’s market. 

Get your ads seen by the right buyers with a bigger and better Shopify Audiences

Shopify Audiences provides custom audience lists for your digital ads and accurate audience reporting. Now, you can get even more from Audiences:

  • Use your audience lists for your ads on Meta, as well as on Google and Pinterest, with our new multiplatform integrations.
  • Leverage Audiences not only for your prospecting ads but campaign objectives across the marketing funnel—from awareness to consideration to sales.
  • Move faster with audience lists that are now customized based on your entire store and are automatically created, exported, and refreshed.

Scale your creator and influencer programs with Shopify Collabs

As a brand today, building relationships with creators and influencers is essential to growing your business, but finding the right creators and scaling your work with them can be a challenge. Shopify Collabs makes it easy to build, manage, and scale a community of creators to promote your products and drive sales, lowering your customer acquisition cost and increasing brand loyalty. 

Shopify Collabs is fully integrated into your Shopify admin, so you can efficiently manage your business and your creator community all in one place.

  • Find and recruit the right creators for your brand in Collabs, where you can search our directory of millions of creators using filters like location, keywords, hashtags, audience size, and social platform.
  • Manage and organize inbound requests from creators, starting with your custom application page, which allows creators to see the perks of joining your community.
  • Our gifting feature lets you use the power of Shopify to send and track orders that give creators their choice of size, color, and other variants for your products. 
  • Set up discount codes and affiliate links so you can easily track sales and offer commission to creators in your community who sell your products to their audience. 
  • Creator commission payments are made simple with order, sales, and commission tracking.

Incentivize first-time buyers and reward loyal fans with Shop Cash campaigns 

Shop Cash is a new buyer rewards program funded by Shopify that allows buyers to earn Shop Cash on all eligible Shop Pay purchases. Buyers can then redeem the Cash on purchases in the app. 

Now, with Shop Cash campaigns, Shopify Plus merchants can target new customers in the app with exclusive offers that multiply the value of a buyers’ Shop Cash balance. Merchants only pay when they acquire a new customer and are in full control of their campaign set up and pacing. 

Incentivize first-time buyers and reward loyal fans with Shop Cash campaigns

Campaigns are risk-free, can be set up in a matter of minutes, and require no new assets. On top of that, merchants get free strategic marketing on a growing mobile channel of more than 100 million buyers. 

Build high-performing, scalable storefronts on Shopify

Build highly performant, scalable storefronts and accelerate your development cycles with flexible tools to enhance productivity and give you more control. 

Hydrogen 2: Built on Remix

With the Remix team joining Shopify, Hydrogen is now built on the Remix framework, offering an improved developer experience, even better performance, and a suite of new tools to unlock higher levels of productivity and resilience across the stack. 

Powered by Remix’s advancements like optimistic UI, nested routing, progressive enhancement, and more, Hydrogen 2 now includes improved performance for more visitors. Getting to market is now even faster, with Hydrogen 2 featuring a set of new tools to unlock new levels of productivity:

  • A new Storefront API client to make querying simple
  • Remix-optimized components to make the hard parts of building storefronts simple
  • New starter templates and an upgraded CLI to get you up and running quickly

Hydrogen React lets your developers leverage the best parts of Hydrogen and accelerate commerce development with other React frameworks they already use and love, using Shopify’s pre-built React components like Cart, Shop Pay, and Shopify Analytics.

Brands and their developers can now build even faster, more dynamic, and higher performing custom storefronts on Shopify, while having fun creating truly standout user experiences.

Use Shopify Functions to customize Shopify’s back-end logic and meet any business need

With Shopify Functions, we’ve created a radical new way to build unique commerce experiences by allowing developers to inject custom code into Shopify’s back-end logic. 

Since Functions run inline on Shopify’s global infrastructure, they can meet the demands of the biggest sales events on the planet, while still executing in less than five milliseconds. With Functions, you can have it all: the flexibility of open source platforms, without the hassle of managing hosting, security, and forked code.

Developers can now leverage Functions to build custom product bundles, order routing logic, and checkout validation rules. When combined with the existing discounting, delivery, and payment customizations, Functions is making Shopify more extensible than ever before. 

Use Shopify Functions to customize Shopify’s back-end logic and meet any business need

We’re also making the creation of Functions more accessible by announcing support for JavaScript. This language support will make it much easier for the existing developers in the Shopify community to leverage Functions customizations in their apps.


Run your brand better from Shopify admin

Streamline your operations and save time using powerful tools that help you operate, integrate, and grow all areas of your business.

Schedule workflows and leverage the power of OpenAI with Shopify Flow

Brands have been asking for the ability to schedule workflows, and we’re delivering it. Shopify Flow now has the power to schedule automations and to fetch customer, order, and product data.  

Schedule workflows and leverage the power of OpenAI with Shopify Flow

Together, these capabilities enable brands to easily automate those manual, once-per-day reporting tasks, like getting a list of all low-inventory products, or determining how many unfulfilled or late orders you have. 

Shopify Flow also has a new OpenAI action that allows you to send text prompts and configuration parameters to OpenAPI’s GPT-3 model and bring back AI-generated text to streamline content and messaging in your workflows. 

Ensure your brand is built to last with Shopify’s powerful commerce platform

The launches you read here are just a preview of the more than 100 new updates, features, and products announced at Editions, Winter ’23. Check out the Editions hub today to explore all the new tools available on Shopify to help ensure ambitious brands like yours are built to last. 

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