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Who are we?

Annex Cloud’s unified Customer Loyalty, Referral Marketing, and User Generated Content solutions not only stand alone as best-in-class solutions in their own respect, they can also work together as part of a unified platform to enhance the entire customer journey and help you get more from each customer.

Customer Loyalty Cloud

Proactively boost customer retention and lifetime value with a loyalty program that facilitates rewards for purchases and advocacy actions. Our comprehensive Customer Loyalty solutions deliver full online, in-store, and app-based loyalty functionality and the ability to reward customers for purchases as well as advocacy actions such writing reviews, referring friends, connecting to your social media channels and much more.

Referral Marketing Cloud

Strategically grow your customer acquisition channel and expand your customer base from your loyal customer community with a referral marketing program. Whether you want your referral solution to reward for referral-driven purchases, offer an extra treat to your customers who just bought, or reward customers for signing up for your email list, you can implement a variety of referral actions across numerous channels.

User Generated Content Cloud

Increase conversion and deepen customer insights with comprehensive UGC solutions including Visual Commerce, Ratings & Reviews, and Questions & Answers.

All UGC solutions are backed by a powerful solicitation engine, robust A/B testing, inline SEO integration, and intelligent reporting to create the strategy and functionality necessary to make a measurable impact your bottom line.

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