How to successfully establish trust and authenticity through on-site video selling

Video marketing is the new trend in e-commerce. So it’s surprising that many e-merchants are reluctant to add more videos on their online shops. About 78% of internet users watch videos every week, and Gen Z values video more than any other platform. No one should miss out on reaching that type of audience.

Aside from the classic product videos, an essential (but often overlooked) potential of video is increasing customer trust and establishing an authentic store. 

But how exactly do on-site videos help you achieve that? 

The 5 steps of making your store trustworthy & authentic by leveraging the power of on-site video selling

1. Create connections with visitors 

The era of personalized discounts and pop-up notifications is close to an end. On-site welcome videos are changing the game.  

This is how it works:

Step 1: You download a video display tool or embed your own video on the website.

Step 2: You record a quick 30 second video of yourself or a relevant member of your team in which you give a warm welcome to new visitors and give information about your store.

Step 3: You upload the video on your website and watch the positive feedback come your way!

Have a look at Okra and Molly’s welcome video. It lasts no longer than 30 seconds and it presents one of the employees explaining how the process of ordering a product works. No edits, no difficult scripts, no effects - just the human and the important information to strengthen relationships with customers!

OKRA and Molly 

2. Showcase your products through a variety of human ways 

Product videos give the customer a ‘real-feel’ of the product. But, you shouldn’t limit yourself to only showcasing the product. Display videos with someone (a customer or your employees) unboxing it, showing the product in use, or even giving a testimonial on it; these use-cases will give a more trustworthy and authentic feel to your business. 

The team at Dr. Squatch is a master at this. At the bottom of their homepage, there’s a fun and engaging testimonial video for one of their soaps. Their approach is innovative and creative, with one of their employees talking to people on the street about the differences between their soap and a competitor’s. The video isn’t too edited and offers a lighthearted vision. Definitely an inspiration!

the squatch

3. Tell your story

A trustworthy and authentic brand requires transparency and communication of even the most difficult aspects of your company. An about us page where you talk about your story, inspiration, and commitments brings your shop above those of others’. Add on-site videos and you’ll be taking it to the next level!

You don’t need a professional video (unless you have the budget and for that we encourage you to go for it) - a good phone camera will do great wonders. Here’s some quick steps to help you out:

  • Film the founder or someone close to the original idea of the company. 
  • Discuss where it all started from, how proud you are of your achievements, and any other value your shop follows (sustainability, privacy, quality, etc). 
  • If you already have content from previous campaigns, you can use them post-edit to emphasize the speaker’s points. 
  • Remember to keep your videos short and to the point.

Despite the fact that they must’ve had a big budget for this, Warby Parker’s video on how they make their glasses is a great example of a brand story video. While scripted and edited, the concept is certainly inspirational - Warby Parker takes the visitor for a journey in their factory, in their culture, and in their creative minds! 

Walby Parker

4. Be original in your on-site marketing

One idea to prove your shop’s originality is to be ahead of your competitors. Here’s a few video tips that will help you along the way:

  • Speak freely, with no tight script or a spotlight blinding your eyes. 
  • Be honest and film humans, rather than objects. Videos where founders or other people welcome visitors to a shop or give them relevant information (much like in a brick-and-mortar store) have higher chances of success! 
  • Don’t be afraid to show your eccentric side (if there is one). The more natural you are, the better! 

A good example of an original and honest video comes from Raspberry Pi. For their Raspberry Pi Zero video, CEO Eben Upton gives an overview of the product. This video is great because there are limited edits, the CEO is speaking freely and passionately about the product, and nothing else apart from him and the Pi Zero matters.

Raspberry Pi

5. Be honest

Nowadays, consumers are interested in the reality behind the shop. Many fear fake products, poor security, or misleading marketing. You don’t have to give them weekly reports on your earnings and spendings, but you should adopt a transparent ‘attitude’ on your website.

Videos are the go-to in portraying honesty and actually meaning it. Consider what you want to tell your customers with this video: 

  • Do you want to build a rapport with them?
  • Do you want to emphasis certain values your shop follows?
  • Do you want to show them where your products come from?
  • Do you want to tell them the inspiration for the brand? 

The opportunities are endless! 

This video from Arcteryx is a good combination of honesty and how-to. An employee explains how to properly wash one of the company’s jackets. The video details some tips and tricks and talks about why the jacket requires certain care. It’s also shot with a washing machine and a dryer in a forest - how cool is that?

This article is originally written by Andreea Petre, Head of Marketing at Vidjet.