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Pullup & Dip increased conversion rate by 349% after migrating from Shopware to Shopify Plus

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Founded in Bavaria in 2016, Pullup & Dip has become a forerunner in the field of high-quality training equipment whose reputation expands well beyond the borders of Bavaria.

Originated in the idyllic Allgäu with production located in Munich, the brand’s vision is to make independent training possible, build on the belief that fitness should not be tied to fixed physical locations.

Despite a clear vision and mission, Pullup & Dip was facing challenges on their previous platform, Shopware, which led to the decision to migrate to Shopify Plus.

Since the migration, the brand has seen:

  • 349% increase in conversion rate
  • 50% decrease in bounce rate
  • 48% increase in sales


Pullup & Dip was met with several challenges on their previous platform, the first being the time-consuming process of integrating various marketing and evaluation tools. Without the ability to seamlessly connect numerous tools, the brand found itself limited in its ability to efficiently set up and measure the performance of marketing activities.

The complex usability, separate hosting, as well as the cost of migration were all crucial reasons to switch from Shopware to Shopify Plus.


Benedikt Kordbarlag — CRO Manager

The outdated design of the website was another problem, and the platform’s capabilities further hindered the possibility of conversion optimization. When usability plays such a key role in both customer experience and business performance, Pullup & Dip needed the ability to build a modern, user-friendly website that reflected their brand.

Additionally, issues during checkout were affecting the business, with frequent bugs leaving customers unable to make payment and complete transactions smoothly. This impacted user experience as well as customer trust, ultimately jeopardizing sales.

The main reason for the migration was the lack of integration of a large number of marketing and evaluation tools that could not be mapped in Shopware. That was very time-consuming, Shopware is very complex.


Benedikt Kordbarlag — CRO Manager


Alongside these challenges, Pullup & Dip’s decision to migrate to Shopify Plus was also motivated by the prospect of a scalable cloud solution. The ability to host their domain directly through Shopify provided more security. The usability of the platform and the flexibility to make changes was also key; even small changes which had previously been unnecessarily difficult, like adding team members and adjusting product prices, was now quick and easy.

The migration to Shopify Plus was completed in cooperation with PsyCommerce, a certified Shopify Plus partner in DACH. One of the reasons Pullup & Dip chose Shopify was for its usability and ease of making changes. Benedikt Kordbarlag, PsyCommerce’s CRO Manager, said, “the modular principle is not present in Shopware, but very much so in Shopify. It's very easy to make changes directly, big or small, quicker than ever before.”

The move has also enabled the simple, seamless integration of apps and tools, and Pullup & Dip can now run tests and implement changes without issue. This flexibility means the brand can improve their marketing strategies and take action to implement concrete measures that further increase conversion. “Shopify provides us with interfaces to all common tools and makes the integration of apps significantly easier,” says Benedikt.

Issues with checkout are now a thing of the past, thanks to Shopify Payments. Customers are now able to checkout and make payments smoothly without friction, and Pullup & Dip can customize the checkout journey with integrations, and payments are managed all in one place.

Thanks to Shopify Payments, checkout now works flawlessly. We can now not only manage all payment matters in one location, but the checkout design is simple and more modern.


Benedikt Kordbarlag — CRO Manager

The design has also been noticeably improved, which has had a positive impact on conversion rate which is up by a huge 349%. The new online store is visually more modern, with usability increased for both the customer and the brand, who can implement smaller changes quickly and easily.

We were able to eliminate many conversion-killers with our new design. The customer journey has improved greatly – especially because of the increased loading speed.


Benedikt Kordbarlag — CRO Manager


The migration from Shopware to Shopify Plus has not only solved technological and operational challenges but has also positively impacted Pullup & Dip’s bottom line.

Conversion rate has increased significantly by 349%, with more website visitors now turning into paying customers. Additionally, the average revenue per user (ARPU) has increased by 235%. This is not only proof of the increased quantity, but also of the quality of shoppers making purchases.

Pullup & Dip’s bounce rate, which had previously posed a great challenge, has been reduced by at least 50%. The improved usability as well as the modern, updated design contribute to users spending more time on the website and engaging in more meaningful interactions with both content and products. This is further illustrated by a 53% increase in the number of users placing items in their shopping cart.

Looking at Pullup & Dip’s bottom line, the success of the migration and all the improvements that came with it has led to a 48% increase in sales. Ultimately, the brand’s collaboration with PsyCommerce and decision to switch to Shopify Plus has led to substantial increases in conversion, customer value, and revenue.

Shopify is truly stable and scalable, meaning that if you start small but are growing rapidly, Shopify will remain the right partner.


Benedikt Kordbarlag — CRO Manager


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