5 Things to Do the Moment You Upgrade to Shopify Plus

5 Things to Do the Moment You Upgrade to Shopify Plus

It’s official. 

You’re now operating on the world’s most robust, scalable, and agile commerce platform. But, aside from a few obvious new elements on your dashboard, you don’t really feel different.

You’re excited — and maybe a bit antsy — to unleash the potential Shopify Plus has to offer. You’re also wondering what do first.

What are the right features to jump into? How can you improve your store right away? How can you grow bigger, faster?

That’s what this post is about: five things to do the moment you upgrade to Shopify Plus …

  1. Build Instant Credibility with an EV SSL Certificate
  2. Customize Closest to the Money with Shopify Scripts
  3. Save Time and Energy with Ecommerce Automation
  4. Power Your Store via API Call Increases and Integrations
  5. Grow Your Business with Unrivaled Support

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1. Build Instant Credibility with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate

Small touches add up to big results. That’s true in life, and it’s true in ecommerce.

According to a scholarly journal article in Behaviour & Information Technology, it takes visitors 50 milliseconds — 0.05 seconds — to form an opinion of a website. Google’s own research found that first impressions regarding a website’s “visual complexity (VC) and prototypicality (PT)” takes shaped in as few as 17 milliseconds.

In other words, little matters … especially when it comes to building trust.

That’s why the very first item on your Shopify Plus to-do list should be adding an Extended Validation SSL Certificate (also known as EV SSL). They appear in the URL window of all major browsers as a green lock, green text, or “Secure” message:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

After educating consumers about EV SSLs, a DigiCert white paper reported that 67% of survey respondents would “not buy from an unfamiliar website that didn’t have an EV SSL Certificate” and 100% “prefer doing business” with those that do:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

Additionally, Fitness Footwear — the largest independent footwear retailer in the UK — saw shopping cart abandonment drop by 13.3 percent and conversions increase by 16.9 percent after adopting an EV SSL certificate.

Why these dramatic numbers?

Because EV SSLs are the highest form of SSL certification on the web. Shopify Plus automatically provides Level 1 PCI DSS compliance, a site-wide SSL certificate to redirect traffic from HTTP to encrypted HTTPS, data protection, and risk assessment for every order. However, securing your EV SSL requires a few extra steps.

In fact, while all Shopify merchants can secure their stores with Domain Validated SSL, only merchants on Shopify Plus can set up EV SSL with their store.

Here’s how …

  1. Shopify Plus merchants can order EV Certificates from within the Domains page of their admin. From there, they fill out a form and order the certificate. Note: The actual badge text will always need to include your legal business name. It can either be: “DBA (Legal Business Name)” or “Legal Business Name.”
  2. Globalsign will reach out to the Approver to have them fill out and sign two forms: one to verify the company information and one to confirm their authority to sign on behalf of the company.
  3. Globalsign will check the company name against a global company database. Based on that search, they’ll try to confirm the Merchant through a phone call, notarized letter, or a letter from Globalsign.

Setting up your EV SSL takes minutes to complete, a couple of weeks at most to confirm, and can make a surprising impact on your bottom line.

2. Customize Closest to the Money with Shopify Scripts

If you’ve upgraded to Shopify Plus, your store is at the stage where boosting sales or optimizing conversion rates by just a couple of percentage points will make a significant impact in your bottom line.

It’s time to make that happen today

“The biggest piece for us,” Pura Vida Bracelets CEO Griffin Thall recently said in a recent AMA, “was being able to customize the checkout: how people process payments, what kind of messaging we have in the checkout, whether it’s utilizing balance exchange, to fire a coupon or an exit offer, customizing the look and feel of the checkout so it matches our brand style.”

To do this, Shopify Plus gives you the ability to (1) customize your checkout directly — both in its look and feel as well as in the customer fields, shipping methods, and payment options — and (2) customize you checkout dynamically through with Shopify Scripts and the Shopify Script Editor.

For example, after Merchology re-designed their site — including dynamic and living pricing with Shopify Scripts — they increased their mobile revenue by 340%.

Their Shopify Scripts implementation looks inside a customer’s cart, identifies when a customer has made a change (for example, they adjust an item’s size or order quantity), and automatically adjusts the checkout price in real-time:

Greats utilizes a similar implementation to offer multiple-product discounts:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

Brooklinen, to increase average order value over Black Friday, Cyber Monday, set up three discount “thresholds”:

  1. Spend $250 amount and get $50 off
  2. Spend $500 amount and get $100 off
  3. Spend $800 amount and get $200 off

With Scripts, all this takes place automatically:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

If you’re wondering how to get started …

1. If you don’t already have a staging or testing version of your store setup, now is the time, as with Shopify Plus you now have the ability to get access to multiple instances for no extra cost.

Ask your MSM to help you clone your existing store to a staging instance — they’ll be able to get that running for you and migrate products and theme data over.

2. Install the Script Editor.

3. Click “Create script” inside your Apps. There you’ll find 12 Script templates organized under Line items, Shipping rates, and Payment gateways:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

4. These 12 templates represent the most popular and profitable Scripts. You can preview each Script, edit the code, and apply your changes within your cloned store before copying them to your live store:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

While editing or creating your own custom Scripts may feel intimidating — especially if you aren’t used to coding in Ruby — you can get a full list of terminology, or “methods,” on the help page for Shopify Scripts.

The Script Editor also has it’s own guide, with a number of Example Scripts for immediate application.

Perhaps the most user-friendly resource is Gavin Ballard’s Getting Started with Shopify Scripts: A Practical Walkthrough. As the founder of Disco — a Shopify Plus Solutions Partner and the makers of Playwright (a Scripts app built exclusively for Shopify Plus) — Gavin explains:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

“Scripts are an incredibly flexible and powerful tool for Shopify Plus merchants, as they allow you to implement custom business logic without relying on apps or workarounds that can lead to inventory or management issues down the track. You can offer creative promotions or discounts, reward your most loyal customers with free shipping, or prevent customers in specific countries from using a particular payment gateway.”

“While there’s a bit of a learning curve, we’ve found that merchants who invest in learning the ropes quickly gain the confidence to tweak these promotions and turn them off or on without a developer.”

“If you are working with a partner to develop a Shopify Script, make sure to request clear comments and the ability to adjust key variables like discount percentages and target product tags.”

Gavin Ballard, Founder of Disco


Although Shopify Scripts offers a degree of automation, that’s just the tip of the iceberg …

Shopify Flow

Haven’t upgraded yet?

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3. Save Time and Energy with Ecommerce Automation

When it comes to solving problems, there’s no tool like the human mind. The mind is adaptable, can think critically, and make connections in ways that even the most powerful machines can’t replicate yet.

That’s why it’s important to free your team from being bogged down in repetitive, labor-intensive processes, and to keep them on the stimulating, important, and increasingly complex challenges that your business faces.

Enter two automation tools available exclusively to Shopify Plus customers …

First, Shopify Flow.

Shopify Flow is a simple visual builder that enables you to automate nearly any customer-facing or back-office process you can think of. Shopify Flow stores and executes triggers, conditions, and actions you specify, without any coding.

It’s the perfect tool for merchants to automate business tasks like customer service, fraud prevention, design and development requests, merchandising, communications, and — of course — marketing and advertising (e.g., halting promotions when stock gets low or tagging customers for onsite and email segmentation).

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

The team at custom apparel retailer Shelfies used to have to spend hours manually searching for custom orders. After implementing Shopify Flow, they can automatically identify custom orders and send an email with the information necessary to initiate the design process.

Instead of having one of their team members manually search for unfulfilled custom orders and reach out to designers, Shopify Flow automatically notifies the designers who can immediately begin working on the mockup. Shelfies reduces the turnaround time on custom designs from six hours to two by:

  • Sending automated messages reminding customers they must approve custom order design mockups before production can begin
  • Immediately notifying staff if an order from a third party hasn’t shipped within a certain number of days and proactively contact the customer to prevent customer service inquiries
  • Automatically including new products in appropriate collections to improve the customer’s shopping experience and eliminate the ten manual steps required now

Watch this video to learn more about Shopify Flow:


To help you get up and running with Flow as quickly as possible, we’ve created 10 downloadable workflow templates with use cases.

In addition to Shopify Flow, Shopify Plus merchants can also make use of another leap forward in ecommerce automation.

Second, Launchpad.

Launchpad is a tool to plan and automate all of the activities necessary to execute a flash sale, product launch, or sales campaign. Learn more about how Frankies Bikinis uses Launchpad to schedule, coordinate, and execute major commerce events prior to its product releases.

Amplified across four stores, Launchpad saves 100% Pure engineer Chris Tran 12 hours per sale or campaign. He could save the company hundreds of hours as he applies Launchpad for smaller campaigns and sales.

With Launchpad, you can pre-plan everything on your to-do list and instantly roll it all back once the sale or event is over. Learn more about Launchpad in the documentation and in this video:



4. Power Your Store with API Call Increases and Enterprise-Level Integrations

While you could always continue to extend your store’s capabilities with Shopify’s apps, for merchants experiencing rapid growth — particularly those with robust SKUs, multiple online stores, online-to-offline retail locations, expanding supply chains, or international markets — on Shopify Plus you can also seamlessly integrate third-party platforms like …

In each case, Shopify’s open API makes your store flexible and incredibly powerful.

Companies like MORI leverage Shopify’s API to connect its store with its third-party logistics (3PL) to monitor performance in real time.

Alternatively, you can also build your own private apps tailored to your store and unique challenges.

Whimsy Rose, for example, built its custom product uploader with the Shopify API, enabling them to keep track of unlimited aisles of personally customizable styles and prints, manage over 2,000 SKUs that are customizable in-store and online. They also route style-print orders to the Whimsy Rose printer, which enables delivery within five days.

Leveraging the API, AN Commerce built a flash sales site, BoardwalkBuy, for a fraction of what it would’ve cost — by his estimate, $30,000 vs. $300,000–$500,000.

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify PlusYou can customize on Shopify and use it however you want to use it. We used the API to build something that didn’t exist eighteen months ago and today it’s a multimillion dollar business. So, of course, Shopify is customizable.”

Amar Gandhi, Founder of AN Commerce

And 100% Pure — in order to connect over a dozen retail locations and ecommerce stores in multiple countries — create what they call the Purity Toolbox, a collection of custom connections that allows the company to easily sync inventory, product information, and digital marketing resources.

“I just hit the sync button and it’s done,” says Quan Nguyen, the company’s Vice President of Technology. “We save so much time being able to sync everything across multiple stores.”

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

All of this is possible because merchants on Shopify Plus have access to exclusive APIs, and can have their API call limit increased after review. Just reach out to your Merchant Success Manager to make the request or talk about what third-party platforms, tools, apps, and software can help you grow.

Speaking of reaching out …

5. Grow Your Business with Unrivaled Support

When businesses really start to hit it big, their sales draw in hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of people …

If you’d been so lucky to experience that “problem,” you realize how overwhelming — and exhausting — managing this type of growth can be. Certainly, the potential is there, but it can all be wiped out with a couple of wrong significant decisions (for example, a technical one which could lead to a thousand paper cuts).

One of the best parts of being a merchant on Shopify Plus is the platform’s capacity for growth. It’s built to accommodate this type of growth. Not only does it ensure that servers are equipped to handle rushes and spikes, but Shopify Plus was actually designed to support merchants like you handling rapid growth and high volumes…

As a proactive merchant, you can lean hard on all the support Shopify Plus has to offer.

You’ll work closely with various merchant success teams in order to make the most of Shopify Plus capabilities. This includes Solutions Engineers and Gurus for 24/7 support, the Merchant Acceleration team for advanced ecommerce courses, and — of course — your dedicated Merchant Success Manager.

In addition to diving deep into what we’d covered above, these teams can support in counsel, scope, strategy, and even execution.

Not only do merchant success teams enable you to focus on features and opportunities applicable to you …

Shopify Plus can make sure you get ahead of the curve with exclusive access to new feature betas. They also provide platform training, assist with third-party integrations, and help find approved Partners to work on design and development projects specific to your business.

For example, here’s how Launch Engineer Nina Sijakov helped get L’Occitane’s Facebook store online in just weeks.

And here’s what Alex Cranmer, Vice President at International Military Antiques, has to say about working with his team:

5 Things To Do The Moment You Upgrade To Shopify Plus

“Shopify Plus support and especially my Launch [Engineer], Paul Moretti, have been incredible. There is zero comparison. Paul answered emails, Slack messages, and smoke signals typically within minutes and many times in the middle of the night. His guidance and advice were crucial to our success.”

Alex Cranmer, VP at IMA

They can also support in diagnosing theme issues, evaluate project feasibility, guidance on using Shopify Scripts or theme modifications.

And should anything go wrong, you can quickly respond with 24/7 Priority Shopify Plus support.

Whether it’s a technical objective, a vision for the future, or support and guidance with a flash sale, Shopify Plus’s merchant success teams work tirelessly to ensure you make the most of your opportunities and to uncover new ones.

Additionally, you will have exclusive, direct, access to Shopify Plus Technology Partners and Agency Partners. These partners are carefully curated, selected only for creating some of the best integrations with Shopify.

Now that you’re on Shopify Plus, you can call on our merchant success team and our technology and agency allies should you need to extend the platform with analytics, email, advertisements, or other capabilities.


Final Thoughts

There are plenty of other benefits to joining Shopify Plus we didn’t have space to cover in this article, like …

Shopify Flow

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