Edition, but make it enterprise: Our Winter ’24 Edition products made for large brands

February 6, 2024

Shopify’s Winter ’24 Edition includes 100+ product updates that strengthen the foundations of commerce for our merchants. Some of our latest upgrades will be especially useful for large-scale businesses.

The world’s biggest brands build and grow on Shopify because of the sheer velocity of our innovation. Not to mention the reliability of our infrastructure, the breadth of our solutions across channels, and the speed-to-market we enable.

Watch our VP of Product Glen Coates share more about what our latest updates mean for enterprise brands.

Five key areas that are especially important for large brands:

1. Extensibility

Customizability is king for large brands—and this Edition we’ve added even more ways to extend the world’s best checkout.

  • Checkout Extensibility: build exactly what you want with 14 new APIs and updates. Customize your Checkout with 90+ new apps to make it your own. These add to our ecosystem of 400+ extensibility-powered apps that unlock powerful features like upsells, loyalty programs, and post-purchase surveys.
  • Checkout Sheet Kit: bring your customized web checkout to your native mobile apps, to give customers the best checkout experience wherever they shop.
  • Customer Account Extensibility: Build extensions directly into new customer accounts with the same UI components as Shopify Checkout, alongside new components, extension APIs, and external network calls. Bring apps closer to customers and add powerful functionality to new customer accounts. Available in developer preview.

2. B2B

Business-to-business (B2B) sales are potentially the biggest commerce opportunity of 2024—and enterprises need infrastructure that scales to support those big sales. We’ve built world-class B2B features directly into Shopify’s core, with enough flexibility for even the most complex businesses.

  • Sales Rep Permissions: allows your sales team to place orders and access information for their assigned accounts with custom permission levels.
  • B2B discounts: create promotional discounts that offer your B2B customers additional savings on top of your wholesale prices, using third-party and custom apps powered by Shopify Functions.
  • Headless support for B2B: you can now build unique experiences using your preferred tech stack with headless B2B storefronts. Enable B2B checkouts, and access personalized products and prices using the Storefront API, Customer Accounts API, and developer tools.

3. Retail

We’re making big investments in retail, and integrating everything within one unified commerce solution.

  • POS Terminal: customers can tap, chip, and swipe payments at the counter with best-in-class checkout, improved connectivity, and branded customer-facing displays.
  • POS Ship from Store: allows permissioned staff to view, pick, pack, and ship orders directly from retail locations, turning retail stores into part of your warehouse and fulfillment network.

4. AI

We’re integrating Shopify Magic, our suite of free AI-enabled features, across our entire platform to keep you on the cutting edge while keeping your data secure and anonymized.

  • Image generation: create, edit and enhance images from simple text prompts with a new AI-powered tool right from the admin’s media editor.
  • Semantic search: Storefront search will automatically interpret the context behind customers’ queries and return relevant results. This gives customers the freedom to search in everyday natural language to find the products they’re looking for faster.
  • Sidekick: use everyday language to improve your store, tackle time-consuming tasks, and make smarter business decisions; stay tuned for updates soon.

5. Lending

The next evolution of Shopify Capital is here, with more flexible, customizable financing solutions.

  • Shopify Line of Credit: access only the funding you need, right from your admin, and only pay interest on the amount you withdraw. Your credit limit replenishes as you repay. There are no annual, origination or prepayment fees—ever.

Why enterprises are turning to us

This Winter ’24 Edition is full of new features that make Shopify even more fast, flexible, and scalable.

Our commitment to innovation is crucial for the industry. Some of the biggest brands in the world are migrating to Shopify, and the IDC’s MarketScape for Digital Commerce report just named Shopify the leader for fast-growing enterprises.

We know what enterprises need from us, and we deliver.

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