chapter 1

Project Management: Planning Your Web Design Workflow

The Beginner's Guide to Web Design Project Management: Introduction

Managing client projects can be challenging for even the most seasoned designer or developer. As you begin consulting, you’ll no longer be concerned with just the aesthetic of your design. You must now consider all other factors influencing the success of your projects, including project planning, version control, scheduling, and balancing budgets.

While many aspects of project management may seem foreign to you, taking the time to learn the fundamentals can make the difference between a project that’s profitable and one that’s not. Because of this, it’s vital you head into your client work armed with the knowledge and tools to keep things on track.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • Fundamental tips for becoming an effective project manager.
  • How to write design briefs that will guide your project work.
  • Tactics for avoiding and preventing project scope creep.
  • Why you need to create detailed schedules for each project.
  • How the Shopify Partner Program can help you grow your business.

Chock-full of professional tips, actionable insights, and expert advice, this guide will help you establish a solid foundation for managing your next client project.

Learn the fundamentals of project management for web design

From general project management tips to actionable scheduling strategies (and templates!), this guide is for freelancers and agencies looking to improve their understanding of project management to better plan their web design workflow.

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2. Becoming an Effective Project Manager

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