15 Funny Lorem Ipsum Generators to Shake Up Your Design Mockups

lorem ipsum generator

If you’ve ever come near a design mockup, you’re likely familiar with lorem ipsum, the random text used as placeholder copy in designs. Lorem ipsum is a useful tool, but can be a bit dry. Luckily, there are dozens of funny lorem ipsum generators out there, to help add some flavor to your mockups.

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What is lorem ipsum?

Lorem ipsum has become the industry standard for design mockups and prototypes. By adding a little bit of Latin to a mockup, you’re able to show clients a more complete version of your design without actually having to invest time and effort drafting copy.

But despite all its benefits, seeing the same random Latin text in every design can get a little boring for you and your clients. So if you have a client who’s got a sense of humor or if you’re just tired of going the traditional route in your mockups, here are 15 creative and funny lorem ipsum text generators that are sure to lighten the mood at any client meeting.

1. Pirate Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: pirate

Arrr me hearties! Make traditional Latin walk the plank and opt for pirate lorem ipsum for your next high seas design adventure.

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2. Cupcake Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: cupcake

Satisfy your client’s sugar cravings with Cupcake Ipsum. Pretty sweet right?

3. Cheese Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: cheese

More of a savory fan? Get extra cheesy with this dairy-heavy generator.

4. Fillerama

lorem ipsum generator: fillerama

Good news everyone! With placeholder text from shows like Futurama, Doctor Who, Dexter, and Monty Python, Fillerama is the perfect Lorem Ipsum for the TV lover in all of us.

5. Hipsum

lorem ipsum generator: hipster

The most hipster lorem ipsum generator around, though you’ve probably never heard of it.

6. Office Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: office

A blue collar lorem ipsum generator for when you need to impress the C-Suite.

7. Sagan Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: sagan

With placeholder text comprised of Carl Sagan quotes, your design mockups will be out of this world.

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8. Zombie Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: zombie

If your client loves zombie flicks or The Walking Dead, Zombie Ipsum should be in all your mockups. Now with 50% more brrrraaaiiiins!

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9. Cat Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: cat

The purrr-fect lorem ipsum generator for clients who love their cats and cat memes. It’ll have your cat-loving clients purring their appreciation for your mock-ups in no time.

10. Bluth Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: bluth

Lean into pop culture with this collection of Arrested Development quotes.

11. Ancient Alien Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: alien

For those with a flair for conspiracy, this Ancient Aliens generator will add some otherworldly color.

12. Legal Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: legal

This generator is about as readable as any terms and conditions page.

13. Lit Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: lit

For the literary-minded among us, Lit Ipsum pulls in excerpts from classical works of fiction.

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14. Monocle Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: monocle

Get fancy with Monocle Ipsum. Tophat not required.

15. Online Dating Ipsum

lorem ipsum generator: online dating

If online dating has made you a bit cynical, this is the lorem ipsum generator for you.

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Have fun with your mockups

Funny lorem ipsum generators add a splash of personality to your mockups, and hopefully bring a smile to your client’s face. Have fun!

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Lorem Ipsum FAQ

What does Lorem Ipsum mean?

Lorem Ipsum is a dummy text used in typesetting and printing. It is a scrambled Latin text that is used in place of real text to give an example of what a printed page will look like when filled with actual content.

Why is Lorem Ipsum so famous?

It has been around since the 16th century and is still widely used today. The reason why it is so famous is because it is a great way to fill up blank space in a document without having to think too much about the content. It also helps designers to focus on the visual aspect of a document without worrying about the content. Additionally, it has become a standard for many documents, so it is widely recognized by people

How can I translate Lorem Ipsum to English?

Lorem Ipsum roughly translates to "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog".

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