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Campus Protein logo

Campus Protein doubles conversions year over year after switching to Shopify Plus

Caraway Home case study

Caraway Home case study

Caraway earns $1MM in revenue at a fixed CAC with Shop Campaigns

Castañer logo

Castañer increases 30% its online sales and 10% its physical store sales with Shopify Plus


Cheak boosts customer reach and engagement at scale with Shopify Plus

Christy Ng

From SME to enterprise: Christy Ng achieves 400% revenue growth after replatforming

Chubbies logo

Chubbies grew 50% YoY and built a supply chain to scale its vintage shorts brand

CISE founder stocking "Protect Black Women" accessories in his store

CISE logo

CISE Achieves Explosive Growth With the Help of Shopify Fulfillment Network

Club Brugge

How Shopify brought the Club Brugge fan experience to life and boosted printed shirt sales 25%

Complexland Card Photo

Complex Networks Logo

By going headless, Complex Networks expanded its experiential offerings with a 3D shopping experience

Cotopaxi card photo

Cotopaxi logo

How Cotopaxi created a custom shopping experience that amplifies revenue and impact

A colorful kids room with wall decals and toys


Cozykids uses Flow and Launchpad to automate its processes, remove human error, and dramatically increase efficiency

Cozy Earth card image

Cozy Earth logo

Cozy Earth uses Shopify Collective to cross-sell with their sister company

Crate & Barrel Singapore

Home furnishing store

Crate & Barrel Singapore’s revamped omnichannel experience increased loyalty program sign-ups by 350%

Crossrope product 1

Crossrope Logo SVG

Crossrope increases revenue by 90% by replatforming amidst explosive growth

Culture Kings logo

Culture kings focuses on the art, not the science, of its ecommerce empire

Daniel Wellington

How Daniel Wellington saves half a million euros every year with Shopify Plus

Darche card image

Darche logo

DARCHE drives wholesale revenue with B2B on Shopify

Death Wish Coffee

Why Death Wish Coffee integrated its ERP system with Shopify Plus to scale for the Super Bowl

Decathlon card image

Decathlon logo

Decathlon taps into 50% more powerful analytics with ShopifyQL Notebooks for smarter business decisions

Decor Steals card image

Decor Steals logo

How Decor Steals replatformed from Salesforce Commerce Cloud to innovate faster and reduce development costs

Denim Tears card image

Denim Tears logo

Kamp Grizzly Achieves Denim Tears’ Vision for Storytelling-Infused Commerce

Man at Desky desk

svg logo Desky

After cutting its launch time in half, Desky’s revenue boomed by 1,227%

Model laying back on a rainbow stripped blanket in a set of white and blue print pyjamas.

Desmond & Dempsey logo

After reclaiming Sunday mornings, Desmond & Dempsey’s growth surged 250%

Doe Lashes card image

Doe Lashes logo

Doe Beauty saves $30K per month with Shopify Flow and automation tool




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