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Lola + The Boys

Learn how kids’ fashion brand, Lola + The Boys, quadrupled their share of international sales and improved their customer service thanks to Managed Markets from Shopify.

Caden Lane

Learn how Texas-based baby products company Caden Lane overcame the complexities of cross-border selling by enabling Managed Markets from Shopify and saw a 692% increase in international sales.


Discover how the trendy fashion brand PIRAL grew from a $100 investment to seven figures in revenue after securing funding through Shopify Capital.


Sustaining Double-Digit Growth: How Shopify Helps BÉIS Stay 'On-the-Go'

Kamakura Beniya

Popular confectionery maker Kamakura Beniya, founded 70 years ago, promotes digital transformation by introducing Shopify Plus

Maine Lobster Now

Learn how switching to Shopify improved Maine Lobster Now’s conversion rate, chargebacks, and allowed them to build their storefront for about 90% less than on Magento.

Swee Lee

Swee Lee achieves omnichannel success, boosting annual online sales by 50%


How Belstaff is laying the foundations for its next 100 years with a unified commerce strategy

Psycho Bunny

Psycho Bunny re-launched. Then they went viral. Here’s how Shopify helped get them there.


Dermalogica improves site speed by 44% after moving to Shopify

Astrid & Miyu

How Astrid & Miyu powered over 1 million orders with unified commerce

Bobo Choses

Bobo Choses gets the most of a unified commerce experience with Shopify


Learn how Danish surf brand LAKOR migrated from the complexities of Magento to scaling with ease on Shopify.


Blueland increases average order value by 4% with Shop Campaigns


Makari Attributes Almost a Quarter of New Customer Acquisition to Shop Campaigns

Mac Duggal

With its ability to retarget twice as many potential buyers, Shopify Audiences enables Mac Duggal and their marketing partner Prospect Knight to achieve growth even when faced with digital advertising challenges.

Drake Related

Find out how musician, Drake, teamed up with the Shop app to leverage geo-location technology and reward fans who attended his shows.

Oz Hair and Beauty

Oz Hair and Beauty accelerates yearly revenue by 484%, bolstered by Shopify POS

Omy Laboratoires

Learn how Novatize helped Omy Laboratoires boost sales by redesigning their Shopify website and their database for customizable products.


Learn how MakerFlo rapidly built an 8-figure business and dramatically increased their conversion rate on Shopify in just 1 year.

The Woobles

How The Woobles scaled from garage to large-scale operation in under 4 years with Shopify

Pullup & Dip card image

Pullup & Dip

Pullup & Dip increased conversion rate by 349% after migrating from Shopware to Shopify Plus

Elite Eleven card photo

Elite Eleven

Elite Eleven boosts in-store sales by 240% after adopting Shopify POS

Bauer card image


How Bauer achieved a 60% revenue increase after migrating to Shopify from Salesforce

Snuggle Hunny card photo

Snuggle Hunny

Snuggle Hunny beats biggest sales day by 75%

SaturdayClub card photo


SaturdayClub accelerates global growth with expansion stores

Rudis card image


How RUDIS achieved an 80% revenue increase with Shopify & CQL

Filtrous card photo


How Filtrous boosted their conversion rate by 27% weeks after migrating to B2B on Shopify

Pepper Palace customer story card

Pepper Palace

Pepper Palace Scales its Customer Database and Drives Repeat Purchases with Shopify POS

bols photo


Legacy brand Bols migrated to sell D2C at scale

Ysé photo card


How Ysé adapted its omnichannel strategy to boost growth with Shopify Plus


Yaasa increases global traffic by 50% with Shopify Markets

Who Gives A Crap card image

Who Gives A Crap

Who Gives A Crap doubles revenue with international expansion stores


WOLFpak sees a 528% increase in cross-border revenue with Managed Markets

Wine Insiders Photo Card

Wine Insiders

Wine Insiders Boosts Revenue and Retention Rates with Shopify Plus


Willemse migrated to Shopify Plus in just four months and measured a 10% increase in organic traffic the following quarter

Wildling photo card


Wildling used Shopify POS to convert offline customers and increase sales

Wajos card


Wajos migrated to Plus and immediately saw a boost to its KPI’s

W. Titley & Co. horses image

W. Titley & Co.

With Shopify Flow, W. Titley & Co.’s revenue increased 190%

vosges hero

Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Vosges Haut-Chocolat increased revenue and cut costs by partnering with Uncap for a new, customer-first site


VAHDAM triples direct-to-consumer revenue through personalized experiences with Shopify


UroTuning drives 50% increase in sales by migrating to Shopify Plus

Two Eco83 fuses

Upscale Audio

Upscale Audio used ready-made apps to grow revenue 6X and triple conversion rate

UNTUCKit model


With the help of Shop’s one-tap checkout, UNTUCKit drove a 64% increase in customer lifetime value

Turtle Beach card photo

Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach scales its global business and triples DTC sales by taking control of ecommerce operations

True Vintage

True Vintage uncovers £170,000 in new revenue by upgrading its email strategy with expert guidance

True Linkswear Golf Shoes

TRUE Linkswear

TRUE Linkswear increased site traffic and conversion while saving time and money

Tropeaka Acai.


Tropeaka boosted its average order value, then sold $1 million in three days