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Bobo Choses gets the most of a unified commerce experience with Shopify

Bobo Choses is a children's and women's fashion brand with a growing international audience in Europe and Asia. The brand currently has an annual revenue of more than 25 million euros between its D2C and B2B channels. However, their international growth was limited by an ecommerce platform built on Magento that did not allow them to pursue an efficient omnichannel strategy and forced their technical team to spend 80% of their time repairing issues on the platform.

Since migrating to Shopify Plus, Bobo Choses has:

  • Delivered a unified commerce experience with Shopify POS
  • Increased mobile conversion rate by 20%
  • Reduced time spent resolving technical issues by 80%

The Challenge: Delivering a true omnichannel experience

Bobo Choses originally built their online store with Magento. Managing the platform was labor-intensive, requiring an internal technical team, plus an agency and a freelancer to meet the brand’s ecommerce needs, while another agency handled the cloud servers on the backend.

With this structure, the internal team reported spending more than 80% of their time fixing incidents like discounts and promotions not working, crashes or slowness of the web during traffic peaks, or errors in key web functionalities.

In addition, they could not share customer data, purchase history, returns processes, or in-store pickup requests between the physical stores and the ecommerce. This was detrimental to the customer experience and prevented the development of an effective brand loyalty strategy.

In terms of payments, they failed to integrate widely accepted payment methods such as Google Pay and Apple Pay into their mobile channel, nor could they integrate their POS with their ecommerce, as the development was too costly with Magento.

The Solution: Shopify POS, omnichannel and efficiency

Bobo Choses moved from Magento to Shopify Plus to unify all of their customer data and help bring their omnichannel vision to life. They also introduced Shopify POS, which seamlessly connected to their website. This allowed them to unify their customer data, ensuring that in-store teams had access to a customers’ online purchase and vice versa. The decision to go with Shopify was not a difficult one. "When we saw Shopify POS, we didn't hesitate. It provided the functionalities we needed in order to realize our omnichannel strategy without requiring any complex integrations or development work," says Saül Aleu, Chief Technology Officer at Bobo Choses.

Thanks to the switch to Shopify Plus and the use of its one-page checkout, the brand was able to offer a more efficient, faster and user-friendly mobile checkout experience which led to an increase of 20% in mobile conversions.

Using Shopify POS also allowed the brand to offer payment methods that they weren’t able to provide in the past, such as Google Pay, Apple Pay, providing customers with a more convenient shopping experience.

The Results: Fewer incidents, higher profitability

Thanks to significantly lower operating costs of Shopify compared to Magento, Bobo Choses has improved the profitability of their ecommerce business and allowed their team to spend more time focused on innovation and growth.

"We have gone from spending 80% of our time fixing technical incidents to a number closer to 10%. And the time we used to devote to solving technical issues, we now use to add value to the business," says Saül Aleu, Chief Technology Officer at Bobo Choses

The brand has also been able to unify their customer experience and develop its omnichannel strategy for the first time thanks to the introduction of Shopify POS. They achieved all this much faster than expected. "The time to market with Shopify has been greatly reduced. I believe that with Magento, it would have taken us years to get where we are now.", says Saül.

The brand's introduction of Shopify POS in their three physical stores—in the Born, in Mataró, and its flagship store in Rambla Cataluña street —has allowed them to unify their user experience offline and online.

Thanks to Shopify Plus Bobo Choses was able to:

  • Deliver a unified commerce experience with Shopify POS
  • Increased mobile conversion rate by 20%
  • Reduced time spent resolving technical issues by a minimum of 80%

Shopify Plus allowed us to stop wasting time resolving technical incidents. Instead, we are operating much more efficiently and finding new ways to grow the business and deliver world-class shopping experiences to our customers.

Bobo Choses

Saül Aleu — Chief Technology Officer





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