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Glowforge improved customer satisfaction while reducing technical debt

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Glowforge, a leader in 3D laser printing, was in a challenging situation that kept its technical infrastructure from scaling up at the same pace as its brand awareness and customer growth. The company had accrued significant technical debt from its previous platform and couldn’t customize or personalize customer experiences. Glowforge also simply couldn't trust data from the old platform, which became cumbersome for its executive team.  

Glowforge decided to forge a new path with Shopify Plus, with visible improvements from day one of implementation. Shopify Plus helped Glowforge simplify processes and data ownership, enabling it to focus on important initiatives like brand building and business development. The Back in Stock app became a hit for Glowforge’s Proofgrade™ materials by notifying customers when specific materials were available on the website. A decrease in costs and increase in sales all started contributing to Glowforge’s increase in revenue.

With Shopify Plus, Glowforge saw results fast.

  • Created personalized customer experiences online without technical debt
  • Improved customer satisfaction and saved time by implementing the Back in Stock app
  • Increased revenue by becoming more agile and improving customer experiences

Shopify Plus has increased our agility and helped us scale by freeing us to be more innovative and more focused on our core product. Before, we had three dedicated ecommerce developers, now I’m able to manage it myself for daily operations and smaller projects. These streamlined operations are only possible because of Shopify Plus’ expertise in automation.


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