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J.Lindeberg replatformed to inspire shoppers and boost revenue by 70%

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High-end fashion and sports brand J.Lindeberg was founded in Stockholm and New York in 1996. It was launched to modernise style in the world of golf, inspiring players to leave behind their staid white polo shirts.

Since then, J.Lindeberg has grown into an innovative and sophisticated brand offering fashion as well as sports collections within golf, ski, tennis and other outdoor activities, along with athleisure apparel to customers all over the world.

  • Replatformed in just 16 weeks
  • 70% increase in revenue
  • Conversion rate up by 7%


J.Lindeberg had been using a custom-built ecommerce site from Salesforce, which it operated through a sibling company.

But the company always had ambitions to build out its brand presentation and do bigger things on its ecommerce site. The key to unlocking more commerce was content, but showcasing that was tricky.

This e-com platform is 50% brand and 50% business. We know what we want to do and where we’re coming from and we need a tool where we can operate that.


Andreas Koschnike — Head of E-Com

Surfacing those fashion shows, look books and more to inspire shoppers was essential, but the back-end tech was constraining their vision.


Andreas and his team first explored a headless track with Shopify as an order engine. But they quickly realised Shopify Plus could power their entire ecommerce operation and help them achieve what they wanted for their branding ambitions.

It allowed the company to move away from having a transactional ecommerce site and use it to develop its digital visual identity. For example, customers can now easily add full outfits showcased on the website to their baskets so they can seamlessly shop the whole look.

Shopify Plus also solved another challenge: timing. J.Lindeberg was about to launch a new ERP so needed to act fast to replatform once the ERP was in the system. Very fast, in fact: it needed to be done in under four months.

Timing was of the essence. Shopify Plus was the solution. A tool that could deliver the right tech off the bat, with speed, and which would allow us to prioritise branding.


Andreas Koschnike — Head of E-Com


With the help of an internal team led by the Head of E-Com, a project manager, a platform product owner and a local agency specialising in design and UX, Grebban, the team were able to replatform in just 16 weeks and create a vibrant website reflecting the premium look and feel of the brand.

The migration to Shopify Plus led to a sales increase of 70%, even without any major price activations or mid-season sales. Critically, AOV and conversion are also up by 7% on what they were a year earlier.

Features such as the ‘Mild to Wild’ slider and the ability to use liquid themes have enabled J.Lindeberg to continue to build its brand and in turn led to the extraordinary AOV uplift, especially on orders from customers that have used these style and guide modules.

“Ultimately, we have a more inspiring and guiding journey for the customer,” says Andreas.

We’re seeing a different buying pattern with people buying more matching sets. This means we have more average items per order and are selling more full outfits.


Andreas Koschnike — Head of E-Com


Sportswear and fashion



Previous platform

Salesforce Commerce Cloud


ERP Integration, Shopify Payments, Shopify Plus

Use case

Replatforming and Upgrades, Migration, Migration to Shopify Plus, Speed to Launch, Storefront

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