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Jack Rogers increased conversion by 30% and revenue by 69% after migrating

Colorful sandals are arranged against a wall.

For almost 60 years, Jack Rogers' trademark sandals have been a summer staple beloved by generations. Inspired by the shoe of choice of a fashion icon and former first lady, Jack Rogers sandals take you from Capri to Palm Beach.

Hampered by its previous ecommerce platform, Jack Rogers migrated to Shopify Plus. With an online store now easier and simpler to manage, the brand has enjoyed:

  • A 69% increase in revenue
  • A 30% increase in conversion
  • Automation that makes promotions, sales, and other updates easy, fast, and cost effective


Although Jack Rogers had a long history of its shoes being available at high-end stores like Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, and Neiman Marcus, selling direct-to-consumer online was a growing channel for the brand.

But its online store had reached a point where making changes or running campaigns had become a significant task, requiring weeks of technical development.

Leopard print shoes and sandals.

Inventory management was problematic, where overselling or miscounting of merchandise often led to lost revenue and a poor customer experience. The team was spending a lot of time resolving issues, and yearned for a way to simplify its platform, automate processes, and reduce headaches.

There were many issues, but the most challenging was how slow everything was when we had to make a change. Whether it was reporting, updating our home page, or adding products, our previous platform was very technical and needed coding. The time that it took was not conducive to being agile in this space.

Jack Rogers

Anna Aviram — VP Digital Marketing and Ecommerce


Jack Rogers turned to Shopify Plus Service Partner P3 Media, an agency with experience in migrating merchants with a broad range of product categories, large SKU counts, and the goal of being more nimble in marketing its online store.

Its new store takes advantage of Shopify Flow to automate processes. Adding or changing products and categories, running promotions, or setting up campaigns are now simple and easy.

A woman walks along the beach with sandals in hand.

The company has also applied these capabilities to more complex requirements, such as its custom monogramming service. With its previous site, offering this feature caused a lot of headaches with a very manual process. In addition, the time frames required to complete the monogramming often caused challenges for payments, as it exceeded the default seven day window for processing.

Now, customers wanting monogrammed Jacks can define their requirements in the order and make payment online. An order is automatically placed with the instructions for monogramming and, when complete, the sandals are shipped directly to the customer.

P3 Media also helped advise what Shopify Plus Certified Apps to use to enhance the experience. Jack Rogers makes use of Returnly to improve customer experience around returns, Smile for loyalty and rewards, and Gorgias for customer service.

The Shopify Plus Certified Apps help businesses run more efficiently, adding functionality without having to develop or build anything custom.

P3 Media

David Wagoner — Co-Founder & CMO


The new Jack Rogers online store has become one of the company’s most important distribution channels, especially in the aftermath of COVID-19 and the impacts that the pandemic of 2020 has had on its traditional wholesale channels.

Pink sandals.

“We felt the benefits immediately,” says Aviram. “Now we can log into the system and pull information or set up promotions quickly and easily.”

  • The company continues to invest in new ideas and tools with Shopify Plus. The team examined user behaviour to see what features and functionality shoppers were looking for. As a result, Jack Rogers developed and built filters that allowed customers to quickly find the product they had in mind. This led to an average revenue lift per user of 4x.
  • The company recently tested SMS as a marketing channel for new product launches, promotions, and trigger campaigns. SMS marketing now accounts for 12% of revenue. The success of the program stems from its strong conversion rate: plus-74% compared to the rest of its site marketing.
  • The company is now exploring how online and offline can interact, exploring options such as try-before-you-buy or leveraging emerging technologies for virtual fittings.

Our online store is an increasingly important channel. In recent months, our traffic is up over 60%, but our conversion rate is also up over 30%. That’s not something you’d expect with such high traffic growth, but it’s the direct result of our ability to make changes, manage promotions, and run experiments quickly.

Jack Rogers

Anna Aviram — VP Digital Marketing and Ecommerce


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