Makari Attributes Almost a Quarter of New Customer Acquisition to Shop Campaigns

Makari, a 30 year old brand that offers specialized skin care, experienced significant growth by leveraging Shop Campaigns. Seeking to expand their customer base, Makari considered Shop Campaigns as a potential new program that would supplement the growth of their high-value customers.


The team wanted to continue their strong growth trajectory, but found that other acquisition channels were driving a volume of impressions while not delivering meaningful conversions. Additionally, the time they spent building and optimizing their ads wasn't yielding the return they expected.


Makari adopted Shop Campaigns to boost new customer acquisition and improve their acquisition ROI. They set up their campaign quickly and easily, thanks to the program’s automated nature. It didn't take long before Makari noticed positive performance. Having full access to their customer data allows Makari to validate the quality of the customers they acquired and seamlessly integrate those customers into their remarketing efforts. They referenced returns and fraud to ensure the integrity of their conversions and found no instances of either.

ROI is super clear; you can clearly see who the customer is.


Avi Drucker — Director of Ecommerce


The brand gained a significant edge in acquiring high-quality new customers. Strong customer feedback and the validity of the orders created through the campaign cemented their trust in Shop Campaigns, earning it a permanent spot in their acquisition portfolio.

  • Fast ramp-up: In three months, Makari increased their sales on Shop by 4.9x
  • Considerable new customer growth: Shop Campaigns accounts for 22% of Makari’s new customer growth
  • Increased customer retention: Makari saw a 4x increase in return customers, indicating positive customer satisfaction and loyalty

Shop Campaigns delivered compelling results for Makari, supporting their sustained, effective growth. The clear data, user-friendly setup, and high-quality customer acquisitions makes Shop Campaigns a valuable channel for their marketing strategy.


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