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How Omy Laboratoires boosted sales with a redesigned online store

Omy Laboratoires is a Canadian skincare brand founded in 2018 by Rachelle Séguin and Andrea Gomez. The brand offers fully customized face creams and serums made with 100% vegan ingredients. They’re recognized as cosmetics industry innovators for their use of artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customers' skin to provide personalized skincare solutions.

When Omy decided to upgrade their Shopify theme to Online Store 2.0, the brand was looking to personalize the customer experience and increase front-end performance. They partnered with ecommerce specialist Novatize to complete the upgrade and improve the website's user experience. Since the upgrade, Omy has seen the following results:

  • 100% uptime since launch and zero major problems
  • 60% session increase year-over-year
  • 35% increase in repeat business year-over-year
  • 95% of sales made through ecommerce

The challenge: Optimizing the online store and reducing data management complexity

Omy was looking to upgrade their Shopify theme to Online Store 2.0, which would unlock faster loading times, dynamic page personalization, and an enhanced brand image. To achieve this, the Canadian skincare brand chose to partner with Novatize, a firm specialized in ecommerce.

Redesigning Omy’s product customizer was a major focus of the collaboration. This feature of the website allows customers to create personalized skincare products with ingredients that meet their specific needs. But because Omy had recently changed the nomenclature of their ingredients as part of upgrading their manufacturing process, textures, and fragrances, they had to adapt the methodology for entering information into the brand's product database. This required Novatize to custom build the product customiser on Shopify.

Beyond redesigning the product customizer, Novatize also had to ensure the architecture of the new online store would be highly scalable yet simple enough for the Omy team to manage on their own.

The solution: Optimizing the user experience without adding complexity

Novatize and Omy worked closely together to design the new online store. The UX and UI design phases included a style guide to integrate all the brand's new assets, product sheets to provide complete transparency to consumers using metafields as product specs, the product customizer to meet the manufacturing processes of the brand, and user journeys focused on personalizing products to customers’ unique needs.

The Novatize team then overhauled Omy’s database for customizable products, including migrating historical product and client data. Because this customization empowers each customer to order unique products, their new database is now able to handle specific use cases such as when customers want to reorder customized products, review personalized formulas previously registered to their accounts, or continue receiving product subscriptions.

Novatize also ensured that Omy's nomenclature updates didn't impact the user experience on the website. The team crafted a dynamic attributes structure that now allows Omy to evolve their manufacturing process and product offering without compromising what customers see. By implementing a front-end logic tied to editable metafields, Omy now has autonomous capabilities to upgrade their customer experience so it stays aligned with their manufacturing process.

The Novatize team really cared about the success of the project, and the technological opportunities Shopify offers. They managed the project as if it were their own. They went beyond their mandate to ensure that the Omy team had everything in hand to deliver the project on time.

Omy Laboratoires

Edouard Garceau — Ecommerce Director

Beyond creating a scalable yet accessible architecture, Omy was able to enhance their brand image. Novatize designed simpler website imagery that gave consumers a better understanding of ingredient customization. The new graphics and techniques help customers easily use the product customizer and place their orders while also facilitating internal operations for the Omy team. For example, the colored labels for each ingredient in the personalized creams help users understand the added value of the customizable product. And because the ingredients are highlighted, this redesign also enables production staff to flow more efficiently.

On the site’s front end, Novatize optimized key sections, such as the navigation menu and product sheets for both non-customized and customized products. These new sections have made the purchasing experience more fluid for customers, even if the products have complex characteristics. They also created a consistent site-wide experience, boosting credibility and aligning with the quality of Omy's products.

Website banner for OMY featuring skincare products, promotional offers, and navigation tabs for personalized skincare shopping.

The results: Rejuvenated website boosts online sales

The launch of Omy's refreshed online store was a glowing success. Thanks to the preparation and close collaboration between Omy and Novatize, the launch was seamless. Since the redesign, Omy has seen an increase in sessions, an increase in sales related to personalized products, and an increase in customer retention. Clearly, putting customer needs and preferences at the heart of the process paid off.

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With Shopify, Omy Laboratoires saw results fast.


uptime since launch and zero major problems


session increase year-over-year


increase in repeat business year-over-year


of sales made through ecommerce

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