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Pinalli increases conversion rate by 28% integrating Shopify Plus in their e-commerce

Pinalli was founded in 1984 as a perfumery offering custom services in Fiorenzuola d'Arda, where its headquarters are still located today. In the 1980s it specialised on skincare treatments quickly becoming a leading beauty retailer with over 70 points of sale across the country. In 2012 it was one of the first Italian companies in this sector to open an online store managed through a custom software. Supported by a solid digital marketing strategy, since 2018 it has focused strongly on e-commerce and its turnover has grown exponentially. Today Pinalli represents the epitome of excellence amongst the Italian multi-brand beauty retailers with an offering of over 40,000 products created by 350 different premium and indie brands meticulously selected from the trendiest emerging realities in this space.

In collaboration with Sintra consulting, Pinalli used Shopify Plus to achieve its strategic goals:

  • Increase the stability of your e-commerce platform during traffic peaks
  • Offer a coherent and integrated omnichannel experience to their target users
  • Optimise and make its omnichannel marketing campaigns more efficient
  • Integrate its own Customer Data Platform with the data management layer provided by Sintra consulting
  • Develop an integrated system of CRM, warehouse automation and logistics

The Challenge

In May 2022, Pinalli’s new e-commerce platform goes online. The internal team had to manage the increase in sales volumes due to their omni channel campaigns on a growing number of consumers. Their main need was to manage the peaks of traffic on their e-commerce platform during the key moments of the season without jeopardising their marketing investments.

“Omnichannel marketing requires consistency and seamless organisation. Every single touch point needs to be integrated into a unique system that encompasses our e-commerce and offline stores. Click & collect, price lists, promotions, digital totems and logistics need to communicate in real time through a stable and efficient infrastructure.”

Daniele Rossetti, Pinalli e-commerce manager


With the migration to Shopify Plus, Pinalli could manage traffic peaks with a stable, integrated and reliable platform. This increased conversions and improved the efficiency of their online marketing investments.

“Finally we can rest assured before the crucial moments of the year.” says Daniele Rossetti, Pinalli e-commerce manager. “We can now reap more opportunities just by focussing on our campaigns rather than on the infrastructure behind our platform. Shopify allowed us to grow the business and convert our users with the confidence that we have an ecosystem that can withstand major challenges.”


Shopify Plus has allowed Pinalli to increase sales through their digital marketing campaigns and to integrate their data management platform. In a market that is moving towards an increasingly customised service, shopping experience and personalised offer are key growth drivers for a leading retail company in the beauty sector.

Shopify Plus is an essential tool for any multi-brand retailer. It is a partner that keeps improving and allows us to grow our offering with efficient out-of-the-box solutions.


Luca Alberici — PMO Strategic Marketing


Health, Beauty, and Cosmetics

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Shopify Plus

Use case

Replatforming and Upgrades, Cost Effectiveness, Apps and Integrations

With Shopify, Pinalli saw results fast.


increase in online transactions


increase in conversion rate


More than 400 different brands

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