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Tineco boosts US sales by 2253% after launching expansion store

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Founded in 2002, Tineco has 21 years of research and development experience in floor care. Tineco's founder, Qian Dongqi, has always believed that creating new, innovative product categories is the only way to stay relevant in a competitive market. In 2018, Tineco introduced the concept of "new intelligent cleaning" in the home cleaning realm, consolidating washing, mopping, and sweeping into a single machine. Since then, the company has continued to dominate this new category and has taken this concept to a global audience.


Mr Qian has always had global ambitions for Tineco. He firmly believes that providing consumers with an experience that exceeds expectations is key to success. To this end, Tineco has designed products that cater to the needs of different markets, such as the European consumer, whose preference for home décor is wall-to-wall carpeting.

In 2020, after achieving commendable results on third-party selling platforms, Tineco partnered with Shopify to quickly build an ecommerce store capable of independent sales channel functions. However, Tineco wanted to turbocharge overseas growth by creating multiple highly customized stores without adding additional operational burdens such as having to switch between site dashboards.


In 2021, Tineco upgraded to Shopify Plus to help fuel cross-border expansion. With the growth of the European market, Tineco used Shopify Plus’s expansion store capabilities to create more stores across the continent. The team appreciated how quickly it could spin up new stores with support for sales in different languages and currency options. From the Shopify Dashboard, the company could directly view the new sites' operations, traffic sources, and channel proportions in a single view.

Tineco used Shopify Checkout’s extensibility capabilities to customize checkout pages in combination with apps such as Smile: Loyalty & Rewards, adding points reminders to encourage repeat business, and a buy now, pay later option to assist with high-order-value product sales conversions.


Tineco has supercharged its global expansion with Shopify Plus, expanding across Europe and the United States. In the US alone, Tineco grew sales by 2253% in 2021, supported by the flexibility afforded by the standalone site — a Shopify Plus expansion store.

Additionally, checkout customization has proved invaluable in boosting conversion, with a 223% increase in the use of buy now, pay plans during a Black Friday sale. The Shopify Plus customer success manager has further helped the team to improve online operations, with Tineco able to improve its Google speed score on new sites by 100%.

With Shopify Plus, Tineco is taking the world by storm.

  • 2253% sales growth rate for US store in 2021
  • 223% increase in the use of buy now, pay later plans during Black Friday
  • 100% improvement in Google speed score on new sites

Shopify allows us to break free from the restrictions of third-party platform rules and constraints. It gives us greater autonomy and freedom, allowing us to easily deploy and optimize new features so we can focus on building an international brand.


Viviane Zhu — E-commerce Mall Operations


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