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VAHDAM triples direct-to-consumer revenue through personalized experiences with Shopify

VAHDAM India's founder and CEO, Bala Sarda, is on a mission to bring the best of Indian wellness—including teas, spices, superfoods and herbs—to consumers globally. Most Indian wellness products are exported, repackaged, and sold by overseas companies. This is where Bala saw an opportunity to establish India's first homegrown, global wellness brand. By shipping direct-to-consumer, VAHDAM ensures its 4 million consumers across 130 countries receive products of the utmost freshness and flavor with a social cognizance.

As VAHDAM started to scale overseas, Bala knew that personalizing the buyer's journey in each region would be essential. Shopify Plus was an obvious upgrade as it provides more granular theme customizations, robust checkout features and access to third-party apps, like Klaviyo (audience segmentation) and Attentive (text message marketing). Using these features to their fullest, VAHDAM creates customized pages for new launches in each region and has added advanced checkout features like timers, product upsells, customer testimonials and gifts to improve conversion and average order value.

With Shopify Plus, VAHDAM India has successfully implemented the online model in the US, UK, Canada and other regions in just seven years. The powerful personalization features and rich analytics have helped VAHDAM triple direct-to-consumer revenue. VAHDAM has also been organically endorsed by global icons like Oprah Winfrey, Mariah Carrey, Mariah Carey, Drew Barrymore and Chris Pratt, to name a few.

For me, the choice was clear; considering my previous experience and the fact that Shopify is a pillar in the direct consumer space gave me the conviction to go with it, especially since we were aiming to sell —something the Shopify platform is well-designed to handle.


Bala Sarda — Founder and CEO


Food and beverage

Previous platform



Shopify Scripts, Shopify Audiences, Customizable Checkout

Use case

Global Commerce, Migration, Customization

With Shopify, Vahdam saw results fast.


D2C revenue growth with Shopify Plus


CAGR year-on-year with 40% repeat business


Increase in on-page and checkout conversion

Join the ranks of brands changing food and beverage every day.

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