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Wildling used Shopify POS to convert offline customers and increase sales

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Wildling was experiencing substantial growth in 2018, but while the shoe brand had a high rate of repeat customers, its conversion rate for new customers was not where it wanted  to be. The company’s product was unique, but it needed to get that message to consumers who had never experienced the barefoot feeling of wearing a pair of Wildlings.

The brand decided to launch showrooms in Germany, using  Shopify POS to allow customers to try on shoes before purchasing them in store or online. Shopify POS fully integrated Wildling’s online and offline purchases, removing the need for Wildling to manage multiple systems to track customers, inventory, and orders.

The Shopify POS app allows customers to try and buy in our showrooms by generating an order in the Shopify Plus store that is processed the same way as our online purchases—it easily integrates into one system. Shopify POS enabled us to reach different customer groups without huge investments in new technologies.


Sebastian Feuß — Company Lead


Fashion and Apparel

Previous platform



Shopify POS

Use case

Retail and POS, Multi-channel and Omnichannel

With Shopify, Wildling saw results fast.


Higher rate of first time shoppers in showrooms powered by Shopify POS


saved by integrating online and offline operations into Shopify Plus


Increased stock availability after integration of all sales channels

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