Low all-inclusive credit card transaction fees

Fixed rate for the use of all major credit cards

Ecommerce shopping cart

Low credit card transaction fees

Interchange fees are a costly expense to your business. A online payment service that charges you a varied percentage rate affects your profit margins. At Shopify the same rate is across the board for international cards, American Express, Visa and all major credit cards.

Exceptional customer experience everytime

You will always be able to process orders from anywhere your customers are

Manage your inventory across all channels

You never need to manage your inventory separately. Your inventory levels are updated across all your channels – point of sale, online store and mobile.

Optimize your store with Retail POS today

Turn your iPhone into your mobile payment system

Selling on the go has never been easier than now. Want to do a pop-up store, trunk sale or attend an event? Use Shopify POS to accept payments.

Mobilize your store today

Benefits to your online store

Capture payments 24/7

  • No approval process or wait times – your online payment system is ready to go

  • Built in fraud prevention controls flags suspicious orders

  • Automatic chargeback handling

  • Quick three day payout schedule

  • Seamless integration to PayPal and Bitcoin

  • Certified level 1 PCI DSS compliant – highest security rating for credit card processing