18 Ecommerce Podcasts For Ambitious Business Leaders (2024)


You’re here because you’re looking for how-tos and inspiration from ecommerce leaders who’ve been through it all. Ecommerce podcasts are a great way to get that, but there are hundreds to choose from, so where do you start?

Ahead, discover 18 of the best ecommerce podcasts, featuring people of diverse backgrounds and experiences.

You’ll hear about experiments, failures, and successes, while receiving actionable takeaways in product strategy, marketing, pricing, fulfillment, and global commerce. Listen to these ecommerce podcasts to learn from leaders of ambitious DTC brands, fast-growing CPG companies, and massive retailers, plus the agencies and platforms that support them.

These are stories and tips from ecommerce experts who’ve done the work. Let’s dive in.

What is an ecommerce podcast?

An ecommerce podcast is a fantastic way to get actionable business advice and gain a deeper understanding of the ecommerce space. It’s an audio-style content format that features stories, strategies, and playbooks of thriving online businesses.

There are several types of ecommerce podcasts that can help you on your ecommerce journey, including structured interviews, conversational podcasts, solo episodes, and roundtable podcasts.

What topics can you expect to find in ecommerce podcasts?

Although what makes the best ecommerce podcasts will vary to different types of listeners (and their ecommerce needs), you’re guaranteed to find what you need among these categories and topics:

  • Ecommerce founder stories, including building an ecommerce brand as well as selling, scaling, pivoting, or shutting it down
  • Ecommerce marketing, from SEO and paid ads to organic social media growth and email list building
  • Customer experience, including checkout experiences, loyalty programs, and post-purchase email strategy
  • Ecommerce operations, like supply chain logistics, inventory management, and product sourcing
  • Ecommerce news and industry updates

A successful ecommerce business is made of many moving pieces—ecommerce podcasts cover them all.

18 ecommerce podcasts you shouldn’t miss

  1. Shopify Masters
  2. The Ecommerce Playbook by Taylor Holiday and Richard Gaffin
  3. Brave Commerce by Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter
  4. Future Commerce by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange
  5. The Kara Goldin Show by Kara Goldin
  6. Ecommerce Conversations by Eric Bandholz and Practical Ecommerce
  7. The Product Entrepreneur Podcast by Maureen Mwangi
  8. eCommerce Evolution Podcast by Brett Curry
  9. The CPG Guys by Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan, and Bryan Gildenberg
  10. Ecommerce Influence by Lily Ackerly and Austin Brawn
  11. eCommerce Lifestyle by Anton Kraly
  12. My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou
  13. Honest Ecommerce by Chase Clymer
  14. EcomCrew by Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant
  15. The $100 MBA Show by Omar Zenhom
  16. eCommerce Fastlane by Steve Hutt
  17. ModernRetail Podcast by Cale Weissman
  18. DTC POD by Jay Desai and Ramon Berrios

1. Shopify Masters

Shopify Masters cover art

Shopify Masters is Shopify’s very own ecommerce business and marketing podcast. Twice a week, Shuang Esther Shan chats with entrepreneurs and industry experts on what it takes to turn your business idea into a thriving company.

Hear insightful conversations about global presence as a retailer, DTC business strategy, brand partnerships and influencer marketing, finding and owning your niche, building a powerful content strategy, ecommerce logistics, and many other aspects that make up successful ecommerce businesses.

Who should listen to Shopify Masters? Ecommerce marketing pros and founders. Start with this episode on three ways to set your brand apart, with Jash Mehta of Pop & Bottle.

2. The Ecommerce Playbook by Taylor Holiday and Richard Gaffin

The Ecommerce Playbook cover art

The Ecommerce Playbook is run by the folks at Common Thread Collective, an ecommerce growth agency focusing on profitable scalability. Taylor and Richard provide insight from the agency’s portfolio of growing DTC businesses.

Each weekly podcast episode is an injection of in-depth ecommerce lessons. Topics include customer retention, various marketing strategies, customer value, inventory management, and more. Grab actionable advice from hosts and guests in around 45 minutes per episode.

Who should listen to The Ecommerce Playbook? Ecommerce business owners, strategists, and marketers. Start with this episode about a system to execute the tasks that support your growth on a daily basis.

3. Brave Commerce by Rachel Tipograph and Sarah Hofstetter

Brave Commerce cover art

Brave Commerce is Adweek’s podcast featuring conversations with leaders from the largest ecommerce brands in the world, including Walmart, Supergoop!, Ferrero, and Danone.

Their tips are worth millions in sales. You’ll hear about omnichannel journeys, modern CPGs, improving fulfillment and inventory management, outstanding customer experiences, and building a global ecommerce brand in regional marketplaces.

Episodes are fast-paced and focused, diving right into the point. Hosts ask the ideal questions to unpack success stories of ecommerce giants so you can apply their knowledge to your business. You can use many of these lessons across other teams and functions, too. This is the podcast you’ll want to forward to your employees and fellow team leads time and time again.

Who should listen to Brave Commerce? CMOs and heads of ecommerce. Start with this episode on innovation, customer acquisition, and a strong brand foundation.

4. Future Commerce by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange

Future Commerce cover art

The Future Commerce podcast is made for online businesses who want to go deeper than conversation optimization and following step-by-step playbooks. It explores industry trends in DTC, retail, and ecommerce, and the impact they have on the world.

Episodes dive into what it means to sell or buy products online, how commerce and media influence the culture, what customers crave and how they shop, how to build a sustainable ecommerce business, and more. The best part? They’re insightful, entertaining, and informative all at once.

Who should listen to Future Commerce? All ecommerce pros, including ecommerce owners, who care about their business in the long run. Start with this episode on ButcherBox, a company that makes decision on real customer insights.

5. The Kara Goldin Show by Kara Goldin

The Kara Goldin Show cover art

The Kara Goldin Show’s eponymous host has a unique interviewing style that brings out valuable insights from her guests while adding her own lessons from growing Hint, her flavored water company. These episodes will inspire you to hire great people, take risks, win small daily battles, follow counterintuitive ideas, and persevere when it’s hard.

You’ll love this podcast whether you’re brand new to business or a seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur. If you’re craving to hear stories of ecommerce pros, jump into interviews with executives from Allbirds, Sleepy Bear, Wander Beauty, and Lively.

Who should listen to The Kara Goldin Show? Ecommerce executives and entrepreneurs. Start with this episode on how Tim Brown built Allbirds from scratch.

6. Ecommerce Conversations by Eric Bandholz and Practical Ecommerce

Ecommerce Conversations cover art

Ecommerce Conversations is a weekly podcast run by Practical Ecommerce, a library of resources for online merchants. It’s hosted by Eric Bandholz, the CEO and founder of a beard-care company Beardbrand. On the podcast, he speaks with inspiring ecommerce entrepreneurs and execs about the good, the bad, and the ugly parts of running an online business.

Now more than 400 episodes in, Eric speaks to founders, marketing experts, and ecommerce professionals from all niches, including home goods, hygiene, pet food and accessories, CBD, food and beverage, fashion, automotive—the list goes on. On top of that, you’ll hear from agency founders with rich ecommerce experience.

Who should listen to Ecommerce Conversations? Ecommerce marketers, operation specialists, and founders. Start with this episode on running a business after childbirth with Elizabeth Mercer.

7. The Product Entrepreneur Podcast by Maureen Mwangi

The Product Entrepreneur Podcast cover art

Maureen Mwangi is a brand growth strategist behind brands like L’Oréal, Chobani, and Dove, and shares her expertise on The Product Entrepreneur Podcast.

Maureen combines solo episodes and interviews with guests like ecommerce founders and growth consultants. It makes this podcast the go-to for ecommerce professionals in fast-growing brands looking to master their digital marketing, retail, and ecommerce strategies.

Who should listen to The Product Entrepreneur Podcast? Marketers and ecommerce leads in companies looking for sustainable business growth. Start with this episode on how to get customers to choose your product over your competitors’.

8. eCommerce Evolution Podcast by Brett Curry

eCommerce Evolution Podcast cover art

eCommerce Evolution is a podcast by OMG Commerce, an ecommerce marketing agency, hosted by its CEO, Brett Curry. It taps into the years of experience of its ecommerce industry expert guests, touching on topics such as brand building, profitability, social and search ads, email marketing, scaling, and beyond.

Want your landing pages to bring more results or your Google and YouTube ads to convert better? Want to know the role and impact of AI for your ecommerce business or what it takes to grow organically and make the right decisions? You’ll find exactly what you need in these 45-minute podcast episodes.

Who should listen to eCommerce Evolution? Ecommerce strategists and marketers. Start with this episode on organic YouTube growth with Liz Germain.

9. The CPG Guys by Peter V.S. Bond, Sri Rajagopalan, and Bryan Gildenberg

The CPG Guys cover art

The CPG Guys podcast is a must-listen for anyone working in consumer packaged goods. Peter is a consumer loyalty expert, Sri is a CPG ecommerce icon, and Bryan is a retail strategy expert. Together, they explore how brands and retailers engage with consumers in-store, online, and in between.

The trio approach CPG in an informative yet lighthearted and engaging way. Their guests range from massive CPG brands like Mars and PepsiCo to experts from the tech and agency world that fuels CPG. This includes NielsenIQ, Ipsos, Label Insight, and Chicory. Use this unique mix of views, careers, and experiences to uplevel your business through channel optimization, advertising, market research, personalization, SEO, and more.

Who should listen to The CPG Guys? Heads of ecommerce and marketers in CPG brands. Start with this episode on building a retail media business with Shawn McGahee.

10. Ecommerce Influence by Lily Ackerly and Austin Brawn

The Ecommerce Influence Podcast cover art

Ecommerce Influence is run by Brand Growth Experts, an agency behind fast-growing ecommerce stores like MVMT and Pura Vida. It’s packed with strategies and quick wins aimed at ecommerce companies who want to grow to seven figures and beyond.

Although this podcast stopped publishing new episodes in 2022, you can—and should—jump into its nearly 400-episode library. It covers categories like productivity, content marketing, SEO, hiring, Facebook ads, influencer marketing, and email marketing—a marketer’s dream mix of topics.

Who should listen to Ecommerce Influence? Ecommerce marketers across all disciplines and channels. Start with this episode on social commerce and live shopping with Max Drut.

11. eCommerce Lifestyle by Anton Kraly

eCommerce Lifestyle cover art

The eCommerce Lifestyle podcast is made for ecommerce store owners who want to increase revenue, automate operations, and become the authority in their niche. Its mission is to empower freedom through entrepreneurship.

Anton Kraly focuses on many aspects of running a dropshipping business, including finding the right niche and products, setting up your store’s tech stack (including Shopify), supply chain and inventory management, and running ads that drive meaningful traffic to your online store.

Who should listen to eCommerce Lifestyle? Dropshipping business owners and those who want to become one. Start with this episode on adopting an alternative term to dropshipping for more success as a business owner.

12. My Wife Quit Her Job by Steve Chou

My Wife Quit Her Job cover art

My Wife Quit Her Job is a podcast about entrepreneurs who quit their jobs to start successful online businesses. Steve Chou leverages his experience running two seven-figure businesses and interviews entrepreneurs to unpack the strategies that lead to success, altering between solo episodes and interviews.

Across hundreds of episodes, you can learn about selling on Amazon, sourcing products, productivity as an entrepreneur, building your ecommerce tech setup, and generating results from social media, podcasting, YouTube, SEO, blogging, and email marketing. Steve digs deep and extracts every detail from his guests so you can implement actionable tips.

Who should listen to My Wife Quit Her Job? Ecommerce founders looking for exact growth strategies. Start with this episode on using ads to scale your ecommerce company, with David Herrmann.

13. Honest Ecommerce by Chase Clymer

Honest Ecommerce cover art

Honest Ecommerce features interviews with successful business owners, marketers at ecommerce businesses, agency owners, and industry experts from ecommerce-adjacent software (think SMS marketing or tax compliance).

In around 30 minutes per episode, you’ll hear about the unexpected wins and raw lessons that helped others grow and scale ecommerce businesses. You can use what you learn to take smart action with your online store. It’s a weekly podcast with some bonus episodes on top of that—plenty to jump into.

Who should listen to the Honest Ecommerce podcast? Ecommerce entrepreneurs, marketers, and strategists. Start with this episode on how playbooks from other brands don’t work for everyone.

14. EcomCrew by Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant

EcomCrew podcast cover art

EcomCrew is hosted by seven-figure store owners Mike Jackness and Dave Bryant. Thanks to their combined experience, they tackle topics and core challenges of ecommerce owners and marketers. That includes product launches, ecommerce marketing, and the behind-the-scenes operations of a successful ecommerce merchants.

Hundreds of reviews reveal the best way to listen to the EcomCrew podcast: pick an episode with a title that resonates with you, listen to it, pause it at the end, and try out what you learned. These experiments have made a huge difference on ecommerce businesses like yours, and you can choose from more than 500 episodes.

Who should listen to the EcomCrew podcast? Ecommerce founders, operations managers, and CMOs. Start with this episode on product development, with Hasan Hasmani.

15. The $100 MBA Show by Omar Zenhom

The $100 MBA Show cover art

The $100 MBA Show counts more than 2,300 (!) episodes and over a million monthly downloads. Omar Zenhom, co-founder of WebinarNinja, shares real-world business lessons packaged into 10- to 20-minute episodes.

Omar’s background in software and tech warrants some startup-specific episodes, but most are universal to business leaders looking for concepts, examples, and insights around running a successful business. Dive into actionable tips on topics like audience building, customer support, failed payments, customer retention, and inventory management.

Who should listen to The $100 MBA Show? Heads of digital marketing, ecommerce, people ops, and customer support, and ecommerce founders. Start with this episode on what makes a thriving customer support team.

16. eCommerce Fastlane by Steve Hutt

eCommerce Fastlane cover art

The eCommerce Fastlane podcast is hosted by Steve Hutt, a Shopify expert and an industry leader. Learn about the technical aspects and in-depth ecommerce marketing tactics to grow your revenue, profitability, and customer loyalty.

There are some 300 episodes at your disposal. Dive into automation, your store’s code, the role of AI, and tools that will help you future-proof your ecommerce store and run its every aspect smoothly. If you’re looking for marketing techniques to try, you can learn about customer engagement, SEO, conversion rates, Instagram, loyalty programs, retention, referral marketing, and the power of content.

Who should listen to the eCommerce Fastlane podcast? Ecommerce engineers and marketers. Start with this episode on leveraging partnerships as an ecommerce marketing strategy, with Cristy Ebert Garcia.

17. ModernRetail Podcast by Cale Weissman

Modern Retail Podcast cover art

ModernRetail, a podcast by Digiday, uncovers unique stories and experiences of retailers of all types. It’s a weekly podcast that hears from executives in the retail space, from legacy companies to the new world of DTC startups

Hear from executives at brands like Crocs, Levi’s, Bacardi, and Casper. They’ll show you how to look for ideas in unlikely places, winning in legacy markets like furniture and cleaning products, and working with micro-influencers. Many of these episodes will show you how brands of all sizes and maturity levels reinvented themselves and/or disrupted their industry.

Who should listen to the ModernRetail Podcast? Executives in legacy retail and DTC companies. Start with this episode on growing a DTC brand with paid social, with Ryan Bartlett of True Classic.

18. DTC POD by Jay Desai and Ramon Berrios

DTC POD cover art

DTC POD is run by Trend, a UGC platform and content creator network. This weekly ecommerce podcast is every marketer’s dream.

Take a peek behind the scenes of DTC brands that went through rapid growth, including West Elm, Native Deodorant, and Ettitude. DTC founders talk about the steps they took, the mistakes they made, and the experiments that led to success stories. Ecommerce experts like consultants and ecommerce platform founders dig into specific processes and strategies that fuel DTC brands and their growth.

Hosts also take on some solo episodes, covering how-tos and examples on topics like competitor research strategy, welcome emails, product categories, and marketing calendars, making DTC POD a go-to resource for DTC marketers and influencers.

Who should listen to DTC POD? Marketers and ecommerce operations pros in DTC and CPG brands, and influencers. Start with this episode on product sourcing and development with Nathan Resnick.

Make your podcast playlist better

Which podcast(s) resonated with you the most? Make sure to add them to your podcast playlist so you can jump in as early as your next break.

You have a chance to eavesdrop on intimate, impactful conversations about unique ecommerce experiences—don’t miss it! Shopify Masters, Shopify's very own podcast, is there for you whenever you’re ready.

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