Enterprise SEO: Managing Multiple Pages and Large Inventories

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Search engine optimization helps online businesses improve their visibility on search engine results pages, drive organic traffic, and ultimately reach a wider audience. While small business SEO may focus on simple and inexpensive best practices, enterprise businesses need comprehensive SEO strategies that include technical optimization, content development, and off-page link building to compete in the digital landscape.

Enterprise companies typically manage larger and more intricate websites, and although they tend to have domain authority and SERP rankings, increasing traffic demands more effort due to factors like the number of pages that need optimization and the stakeholders involved. Here’s what you need to know.

What is enterprise SEO?

Enterprise search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of tailoring a large-scale or multinational website to improve its visibility in organic search engine results pages (SERPs). Enterprise-level SEO typically involves filling in keyword gaps, increasing content production, and optimizing a website’s technical aspects (technical SEO) to improve the company’s placement in organic search results. 

Enterprise SEO is essential for ecommerce businesses because it directly impacts their online visibility and brand authority. It helps them compete online and adapt to the ever-changing digital landscape.

Key strategies for enterprise SEO

  1. Keyword research 
  2. Link building
  3. Technical SEO

Here are several enterprise SEO strategies your ecommerce businesses can implement:

Keyword research

Keyword research is an excellent way for your brand to stay ahead of trends and search terms. Conduct keyword research to find new topics that are relevant to your business. For example, find new keyword groupings based on seasonal trends by conducting an SEO analysis with an SEO tool like Google Trends or Moz, and create or optimize existing content based on these keywords.

Link building

Link building can help you accumulate backlinks (pages that link back to your site), increasing your organic traffic. The greater your backlink count, the stronger your domain authority becomes, leading to improved SERP rankings and heightened audience trust. Create high-quality original content that serves as a resource for journalists and bloggers—in doing so, you’ll gradually build backlinks.

Technical SEO

SEO encompasses more than just content; it extends to your website’s user experience. A better user experience directly correlates with improved engagement rates and SEO performance. Achieving this hinges on technical SEO or addressing the unseen factors impacting your site’s crawlability, indexability, and overall search engine ranking.

To guide your technical SEO optimization, start by pulling an analysis through Google Search Console’s Crawl Stats report, which can alert you to any site issues hindering crawlability, such as site speed, broken links, and more. Here are a few ways to improve the technical SEO of your enterprise site: 

  • Site speed. Improve your site’s speed and content accessibility through image compression, minimizing redirects, and implementing web page caching for swift retrieval and display to users.
  • Mobile optimization. Ensure all elements of your site—such as text, buttons, content, and navigation menus—are mobile responsive.
  • Overall usability. Develop a scalable process for fixing or rerouting broken links, addressing bug fixes, and other issues to improve user experience. 

Best practices for enterprise SEO in ecommerce 

Here are a few best practices for creating an effective enterprise SEO strategy: 

Create a comprehensive enterprise SEO strategy

Enterprise SEO is a heavy lift for most organizations. Conducting a thorough SEO analysis using tools like Google Search Console or dedicated SEO software can pinpoint areas where your SEO efforts fall short. This valuable insight can then guide your choice of SEO strategies, including keyword optimization, content enhancement, and technical SEO.

Build an enterprise SEO team with the right skills and expertise

Given the extensive content requiring updates and optimization on an enterprise site, you may want a dedicated SEO team for keyword selection, content creation, and technical improvements. Enterprise SEO projects are often cross-team collaborations involving multiple stakeholders. Look to your SEO, content, and web development teams for your enterprise SEO project. You can also outsource your project to an enterprise marketing or SEO agency. 

Use an enterprise SEO platform

Enterprise SEO solutions such as Semrush or Ahrefs provide SEO services such as a competitive analysis of your site and guidelines for creating more SEO-friendly content. For example, enterprise SEO tools can tell you the ideal length for your content and give you a suggested outline. These SEO platforms can also identify problematic areas on your site, monitor backlinks, analyze title tags, and help with your overall workflow. 

Measure success and track programs

You can track the success of your enterprise SEO efforts through Google Search Console or by using an enterprise SEO solution. These tools can tell you how much organic traffic you generate, how many clicks you get, and the specific keywords driving traffic. This can provide insight into revenue generated from enterprise SEO and other missed SEO opportunities. Regularly monitor keyword rankings and traffic and adapt to algorithm changes to inform your SEO strategy.

Enterprise SEO FAQ

How can I manage SEO for large product inventories?

For efficient management of large product inventories, establish a streamlined process. Create SEO-friendly page templates for uniformity and set up automated audits to maintain optimal on-page and technical SEO for a better user experience.

How can I balance SEO with user experience (UX)?

SEO and UX go hand-in-hand. The better your user experience, the better your SEO. Improving elements like site speed, redirects, and mobile pages can ensure a better user experience. 

What challenges might I face in implementing SEO strategies?

Enterprise SEO projects are large and involve several groups, making it imperative to secure the support and commitment of all stakeholders. Additionally, enterprise sites often have many pages that need optimization, which can strain company resources.