Order Routing just got smarter

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Smart Order Routing

Smart Order Routing allows you to assign orders to the right locations for optimal efficiency

Better Control

With smart order routing you have full control over how orders are routed so it maps with your business process.

Increased Efficiency

Fully customize and automate the routing process reducing manual work while increasing efficiency of product turnover across locations.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Reduce shipping delays and ensure orders are assigned to the best location providing a superior delivery experience.

Routing rules can run in whichever order you choose

Flexible and customizable order routing rules

Prioritize specific fulfillment locations

Rank certain locations higher than others based on your business needs. This can help you prioritize warehouses over storefronts and more.

Minimize split fulfillments

Decide whether an order should be split among multiple locations for speed or prepare at a single location.

Ship based on customer proximity

Speed up delivery and reduce costs by prioritizing locations based on proximity to the delivery address.

Stay within the destination market

When available, also set rules to only choose locations in the same market as the delivery address.

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