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Never Fully Dressed is a one-stop-shop for womenswear, with a strong online presence. As the brand was rapidly growing in the UK, it wanted to internationalise but its previous platform made it difficult to process international sales. This meant external tech support was constantly required.

The brand migrated to Shopify Plus and now sells to customers across the globe with ease and without the need for a large tech team. The admin of selling internationally is taken care of, including shipping, taxes and currency. Never Fully Dressed set up an international B2B site allowing global retailers to browse products, place orders and checkout just like a retail customer.  This led to orders from leading boutiques as well as an increase in revenue. 

With Shopify Plus, Never Fully Dressed saw results fast.

Increase in average order value year-on-year
Increase in international mobile device conversion
Growth of international orders year-on-year

The ease of internationalisation is a big part of why we migrated to Shopify Plus. Providing international service is so easy now and our B2B site allows for such a seamless experience. With a lean tech team, Shopify Plus just makes things feel achievable and not intimidating.

Lucy AylenFounder, Never Fully Dressed

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