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Eden Park increases its average order value by 20% following its migration to Shopify Plus

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Migration, Growth and Scale

Over the years, Eden Park has developed a loyal customer base attracted to its strong DNA. The brand with the pink bowtie, created by Franck Mesnel, is now a reference in the world of fashion. With its clothing inspired by the rugby universe, Eden Park remains a benchmark for all rugby enthusiasts (but not only!), with over 500 points of sale in 35 countries worldwide.

By migrating to Shopify in 2021, Eden Park:

  • Increased its conversion rate of 48%
  • Saw its average conversion rate increase from 1.5% to 6%
  • Launched its American e-commerce site in less than two months


Bastien Borget, e-commerce director at Eden Park, became interested in Shopify when the brand was looking to expand into the United States in 2021. More importantly, at the time, Eden Park was experiencing some problems with its e-commerce platform. "With Adobe Commerce, our teams were spending 80% of their time managing the site and orders, and problems were frequent," explains Bastien Borget. "Later on, we discovered that the Eden Park website couldn't withstand the load. With every special event, the site crashed."

The brand's ambition to deliver high quality was then hindered by a website he described as "not very ergonomic and with a lot of bugs". After a "catastrophic" Black Friday, which resulted in the website being offline for almost 5 hours, Eden Park's collaboration with Shopify was launched only a few weeks later.

"Later on, we also discovered that the Eden Park website couldn't withstand the load. With every special event, the site crashed."

Bastien Borget E-commerce Director, Eden Park


A simple and functional website that matched Eden Park's attention to detail was what Bastien Borget was looking for to promote and sell the high-quality products of this family-run business. "Above all, we wanted a site that made it easy to buy and access information about our products," recalls the e-commerce director.

Witnessing the success of the new website, Bastien Borget decided to put 100% of his trust in the Shopify ecosystem. Among the range of tools offered by Shopify to streamline their operations, he chose to work with Klaviyo for data recovery and automated email marketing, as well as Gorgias (for customer support), Babak (for returns), and Shopify Flow, a powerful marketing tool, for both the French and American websites.

“The Eden Park website’s complete revamping took only three months. The new site quickly brought us closer to our customers: on launch day, we did +100% compared to a usual trend."

Bastien Borget E-commerce Director, Eden Park

On the recently launched American website, Shopify Payments facilitated ultra-fast localization for the United States and Canada. Finally, Shopify Shipping allows Eden Park to easily ship orders: "We no longer have difficulty finding a carrier; they come directly to our store to pick up the orders to be shipped."

"I was amazed: my life as an e-commerce professional has been simplified like never before. The apps connect to Shopify in three clicks, and the results are truly astonishing."

Bastien Borget E-commerce Director, Eden Park


In 2022, Eden Park increased its revenue by 20% in just one year. In the period following its website's launch, from April 19, 2021, to mid-November, Eden Park's revenue increased by 30%. These extremely promising first months are confirmed for 2022 and 2023, with the brand planning to double its growth in 2023, reaching 8-figure sales.

Throughout the year, major commercial events also demonstrated the site's reliability: Eden Park doubled its revenue during the Christmas period, and the conversion rate during sales periods increased from 2% to 10% on certain days. As a result, the first day of sales in 2023 generated €300,000 in revenue with a conversion rate of 7%, well above the company's previous results.

Finally, since the successful migration to Shopify, the average shopping basket has also seen a significant increase, from €150 to €180 on average.

With Shopify Plus, Eden Park has achieved new records.

Shopify has brought us more than just financial results: the solution provides us with real peace of mind in our day-to-day work as e-commerce professionals. Today, most of our time is spent on marketing, rather than site maintenance. We enjoy more free time, and therefore peace of mind, and the difference can be seen very clearly in the overall well-being of the teams and the company.

Eden Park

Bastien Borget — E-commerce Director

With Shopify, Eden Park saw results fast.


increase in the average order value on the Eden Park site

x 3

sales revenue on the first day of sales between 2021 and 2023


projected revenue in 2023 compared to 2022

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