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Mattel Creations Quickly Responds to Demand with Shopify Collective

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Mattel Creations is an online collector’s destination where shoppers can explore and purchase bespoke collectibles created for, and often designed by, fans of the numerous brands in Mattel’s portfolio of toys and art. More than a marketplace, Mattel Creations is a platform for community and content that can’t be found anywhere else.As the premiere of Mattel’s new Barbie movie approached in the summer of 2023, Mattel Creations saw an opportunity to respond to consumer demand by offering more Barbie-related products. The team was looking for an easy way to curate new products on its website without the upfront costs of buying inventory, and it had to act fast to be ready by the time of the movie premiere.

The team turned to Shopify Collective, a native Shopify tool that enables brands to connect and sell each other’s products—without buying inventory—to accomplish its goals.Since moving to Shopify Collective, Mattel Creations has:

  • Integrated a new solution while simultaneously launching a partnership with Funboy
  • Onboarded, tested, and launched new product within 2 weeks
  • Developed a new strategy to sell consumer products powered by Collective


Time was of the essence as the Barbie movie premiere approached. The team found the perfect brand to collaborate with in one of its existing partners, Funboy, a family-owned pool float and accessories brand based in Venice Beach, California. Funboy shared Mattel Creations’ mission of building products that bring joy to its customers, and best of all, Funboy had created a Barbie-themed pool floatie that would be a great fit in Mattel Creations’ shop.

But the team still needed a tool to streamline the process of connecting to Funboy’s store, syncing inventory, and managing fulfillment between the two companies. It soon discovered how Shopify Collective could help it overcome each of these hurdles. As it turned out, Funboy was already using the solution, and the team was excited to connect with Mattel Creations to help its Barbie-themed pool floats reach more Barbie enthusiasts.

“Within just two weeks, we seamlessly integrated and went to market with Shopify Collective, simultaneously establishing a go-to-market launch with Funboy in anticipation of the Barbie movie premiere,” said Mark Hall, Senior Director of Digital Technology at Mattel.


With a small yet dedicated team, Mattel Creations expedited the onboarding process, inviting Funboy to connect to its store. Within a matter of days, the team had tested the import and order flows, and in less than two weeks, Mattel Creations successfully launched an automated solution to sell Funboy’s products through its own website. The timing was perfectly aligned with the Barbie movie premiere, and both teams were thrilled to advance their mutual missions of sharing the love of play.

“No long term contract needed, coupled with the robust solution built by Shopify and the financial automations proved to be key factors in driving the adoption of Shopify Collective,” said Mark.


By using Shopify Collective to quickly merchandise new products and participate in the global phenomenon surrounding the Barbie movie, Mattel Creations opened up new possibilities for acquiring new customers and boosting average order value (AOV). The team witnessed an impressive 57% of sales of the Funboy floatie originating from first time customers. Moreover, it learned that customers were willing to spend more for the right product as the Funboy floatie it was selling had a 31% higher AOV than the evergreen products on its site.

Mattel Creations gained a new way to lean into current market trends, such as movie releases or new product drops along with its network of collaborators. With fans around the world, Mattel Creations has strategically laid the foundation to expand into new partnerships powered by Shopify Collective, showcasing its dedication to creativity while driving net new customer acquisition.

Future partnerships are now much more approachable through Shopify Collective’s simplified onboarding process and the ability to quickly meet consumer demand in the market.

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of sales of the Funboy floatie originated from first time customers


higher AOV for the Funboy floatie compared to evergreen products on Mattel Creations’ site

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